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2 Great Gifts from Ozeri for the Cook

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Chances are someone on your gift list loves to cook. If you don’t pick names for gifts, perhaps you play gift games or need some ideas for work gifts for the Holidays. Kitchen products still remain popular gifts to give and you really can’t go wrong gifting items like cookware or baking supplies. Perhaps the hardest part about shopping for cookware is knowing whether the products you are gifting are of good quality. Ozeri products will give you the confidence in knowing you have a quality gift without breaking your gift budget. I know this because I buy and use Ozeri products myself. I find Ozeri on Amazon and because I am a Prime member and their products are Prime qualified I do not have to pay the shipping to get them to my door.
Two products that stood out the most to me when shopping for the cooks on my list are the Ozeri Elite Chef Knives set and the Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan set,

I use an Ozeri Green Pan and love it. I have a gas stove and it is the only pan I have had that keeps the handle cool to the touch. It is a quality non-stick surface that has scratch-resistant 100 percent ceramic coating. This makes it so easy to clean. Ozeri uses GREBLON – an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free. There are 3 pans in this set- 8″, 10″ and 12″ frying pans for any size recipe or food.

On Amazon for under $60 and PRIME for free shipping! Includes 2 pan protectors for stacking.

Ozeri OZK1 Elite Chef Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set

These knives not only slice so smoothly, they look slick as well. I love the black shadow color on the blade. These are 100% ceramic knives that are ultra sharp. You get 3 knives in the set- paring, slicing, Chef’s knife. The ergonomic handles are high in comfort and quality. Because they are ceramic they will not corrode, rust or leach metal ions.

On Amazon for under $40 and PRIME for free shipping!


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