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2 Children books about self-expression and gratitude

2 Children books about self-expression and gratitude

Something Great by Jeanette Bradley

This book combines some STEM build with self-expression and imagination. What is something great, but simply and idea that brings fun and joy. Something as simple as a jug and string may not be so great to most, but to some can turn a boring day into play. Something Great is available now on Amazon.

Nine Color Deer by Kailin Duan

This story was adapted from a traditional Buddhist tale over 1,000 years old about generosity and gratitude. A legendary deer whose fur has nine colors. One day she hears a cry for help and rescues a drowning man. When the man asks how he could ever repay this kindness, the Nine Color Deer simply requests that the man never reveal her whereabouts. But will this promise survive a bounty offered by a King and Queen who seek the magic of the deer for their kingdom? This book is available on Amazon.

Both of these children books are published by Levine Querido.

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