10 Types of Men’s Shoes for Classy Guys

 10 Types of Men's Shoes for Classy Guys

“Shoes are like ice cream; there is always room for more” – Unknown. No matter how many pairs you have got, there will always be a craving for more. The feeling of having a new pair of classy shoes is euphoric.

For some men, any shoe with beautiful designs and matching colors can fit. However, for classy men, it is the simplicity in design, quality, comfort, and cost. For instance, a hi-tech sneaker might cost over $300, but designer shoes with less design, minimal structure, and thin cushioning can cost over $5000.

Shoes can change your life, ask Cinderella (lol). So, spending a little fortune on luxurious shoes is not such a terrible step. This is because it adds a touch of class and makes you outstanding.

But, how do you know what kind of shoe to purchase next? There are several types of footwear for men for different occasions and events. You can check out some men’s shoe reviewed on the internet. We will discuss ten types of shoes for men in this article.

Ten Types of Men’s Shoes for Classy Guys

The world might rest on the shoulders of a man, but his shoes carry him. Hence, selecting proper footwear is necessary. So, let us begin our storytelling with the most popular of them all, Oxfords.


When we talk about class, we talk oxfords. These are some of the finest male footwear for gentlemen. They are best for corporate events or official meetings.

The history of oxford wear is quite amusing. The footwear became popular in Oxford University, where ankle-high shoes were approved. However, rebel students chose to wear oxfords; hence the name.

Oxfords, a symbol of royalty, can only match with fitting dress pants. Furthermore, the rules for wearing footwear are simple, but it is not a standard. You can wear a black oxford with a suit of any color, but you should wear black stockings. Secondly, if you wear a brown oxford, you can wear socks of any color, but do not wear a black blazer.

The color agreement between the shoes and the suit continues to perplex people. However, it is your flexibility with knowing when or when not to break the rules that make you classy. In addition, there are several variations of the oxford. The most popular are wingtip, cap-toe, and buck.


This shoe comes with brogue detailing and is decent, just perfect for the corporate man – wingtips. The footwear is an oxford, and it is famous for its attitude. They have holes designed initially for letting out water, as Irishmen crossed bogs and marshes with them. However, the holes now are merely designs.

It derives its name from the detailing on its cap. The cap features a styled and pointed tip with some extensions from the midsole, giving it a bird’s appearance.

Suede Wingtips

Lace-Up Shoes | Carlos Santos Shoes - Luxury Men Shoes

Here is another of our favorites. Putting on this pair of wingtips makes you appear like a Hollywood star in a reality show. And, you can attract attention by wearing it.

However, the nature of the material, suede requires regular maintenance and cleaning after wearing them. You can read this article to know how to maintain suede.


Why are loafers so sought after? It is because they fit between formal and casual wear. So, this reason makes it one of the most sought-after footwear.

Loafers have an aesthetic versatility making them an immediate option for a business meeting by morning and clubbing at night. They are easy to slip on, thereby creating for themselves a permanent residence in a man’s closet. Furthermore, you can wear them without socks. However, if you intend to wear socks, ensure you do not choose black stockings.


Some persons often mistake moccasins for loafers. It is probably because they share a similar slip-on feature as loafers. However, we can trace them down to the Native American people pasturing in the jungle.

Boat Shoes

This is another casual footwear for your closet. Boat shoes are famous for their coolness and slip-on feature. In addition, the ease with which you can wear them makes them the people’s favorite. And, their rubber soles with the unique tread patterns help prevent the wearer from slipping on a boat.


Here is something for your t-shirt and jean. Rock your casual wear with a unique pair of sneakers. Its simplicity and absence of fancy technology make it best for a casual outing. In addition, the fewer colors it has, the better it looks.


Trainers are lightweight and comfortable. Their versatility and comfort give the wearer the advantage of going about their daily activities without stress. Furthermore, the support they provide at the base of the feet makes them a comfortable selection for your closet.


Boots are suitable for harsh weather and environments. Some possess explorer and military origins because of their multi-facet and rugged build functionalities. In addition, their soles made of rubber logs can provide tractions on winter surfaces and withstand harsh elements.

Their leather is water-resistant and helps form a tough exterior which helps to trap heat and resist cold. Hence, boots are in no doubt the best winter footwear. But, this does not include cowboy boots.


Finally, here is our favorite pair of shoes – Chelsea. Thanks to British stars, this footwear became popular in the 1960s and is a fine selection for your shoe closet. And, its leather finish fits better with a leather overcoat.


Shoes speak a lot about a man’s personality. However, there are different types for different occasions.

There are several types of shoes ranging from luxury to simple and classy. They include oxfords, loafers, Chelsea, and others. However, it is best to know how and when to wear them.

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