10 Essentials To Buy For Your New Apartment!

Moving to a new apartment is an exciting time. You get your own place with your partner, and you can’t wait to decorate it how you like. It’s a great way of being independent and spending time together. But it can be a costly time as there’s so much you both will need so that you can live there happily together. Here’re ten essentials to buy for your new apartment.
10 Essentials To Buy For Your New Apartment

10 Essentials To Buy For Your New Apartment

You need to buy a set of plates to use in your new apartment. Not only do you need them for everyday use, but you also need to have plates for dinner parties. You should firstly decide on the kitchen color you will be having and then have a look for a set that matches this. Go for a set of unique plates for something a bit different. Why not choose some square or rectangular plates that stand out. Make sure you buy a full set, so you don’t have to go back and find more at a later date. After all, you don’t know how long the shop will sell them for.


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 Another essential you will need in your new apartment is a set of cutlery. They are a necessity to put in your kitchen so that you can enjoy your dinner together. You should consider buying a set that you can use every day and then get another set for special occasions. Decide how many you will need as you can get sets of 12, 38, 60 or even 100 which you can use for years to come.

A Mattress

 You will need to buy a new mattress for your apartment if you want you and your partner to get some sleep. It’s so important to get an excellent mattress, so you are not moving around in the night and wake up in the morning with a backache. You can read Ted and Stacey’s best mattress guide, so you know which one to get. There are so many around to choose from including duck feather mattress. Try and avoid secondhand mattresses, as they are more likely to have issues such as bed bugs.


 Another essential item you need in your new apartment is a set of towels. Decide what color scheme you will want in your bathroom then buy towels which match this. Make sure you purchase two of each, so you both have your own to use. You should get a bath towel and a larger bath towel that you can use on a daily basis. You may want to purchase a face towel in the same set as well. Make sure you buy some spare towels for when yours are in the wash and for when guests are over.  


 An item that you need when you move into your new apartment is a kettle. It’s an essential item for the kitchen, and you should pick one which matches your color scheme. You will need it to boil water, for when you have a drink, and when you’re cooking. Often you can get other kitchen essentials such as a toaster to match it. Make sure you keep your receipt just in case you need to take it back.


 Another kitchen item which is a necessity when you move into your new apartment is a toaster. You will use it at breakfast time and is great for when people stay over. Again, you should pick one which matches the rest of the kitchen. You should decide whether to get a two or four bread one if you both eat a lot of toast every day.


 A sofa is an essential item for your new apartment, but it can be more costly than the other items. The one good thing about purchasing a couch now is it will last such a long time that you can use it for years to come. As it’s so expensive, you may need to pay it in installments or even ask your parents if you could borrow some money so you can get one. You can look in secondhand stores to find one you like if necessary, and then replace it when you get more funds at a later date. Make sure to buy a throw and some cushions to help make it look more personal to you and your partner. You should also get some spare chairs so that you can use them when you have guests over.

 Table and Chairs

 Another costly item that is an essential for your new apartment is a set of table and chairs. It’s never a good idea to start eating in front of the television as it can be unsociable, and also mean that you can get food all over the sofa and lounge floor. You can have a look for cheaper table and chairs online, or take a look in second hand stores to see if anyone is getting rid of any that you can use. You can buy some tables which can be folded up after you have used them and put away.

 A Wardrobe

 Unless you want to put all your clothes in drawers, you need to buy a wardrobe so that you can store all your clothes in there. It will keep them looking nice and will mean you won’t have to get the iron out all the time as they won’t get all creased. You may want to go through your clothes and put them in piles of summer and winter before putting them in there. You may want to put all the other season away in a drawer and then swap them over. Try and get a wardrobe with plenty of space so you both can use it.

Storage Boxes

 You will end up bringing a lot of your stuff that will not have a new home at your apartment. Therefore, you should buy some storage boxes so that you can keep them in there. Then you can keep the boxes underneath your bed, and take out the stuff when you need to use it.

 Once you have bought these essentials, you can then move on to buying more fun stuff you will need for your new home.

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