Tools to educate your child about money and savings

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If you have a tween or teen in school, perhaps you have noticed a shift compared to when you were that age when it comes to what is being taught iin the classroom. I had home economics and math classes that touched on basic finances in high school and that seems to be missing in school’s today. Your child will learn algebra and geometry skills in class, but how to spend money out in the real world or tip, save and calculate interest comes from what we can teach at home and with real life experiences. Our teens need exposure and there are tools to educate your child about money and savings.


As young as 13 years old, most banks offer checking accounts for you child that gives them access to a debit card and app access to manage their money. As teens, their accounts are linked to a Guardian so you can also monitor them. Opening them an account, helps them visually see a balance move up or down depending on deposits or debits. Most of these accounts can be set up to deny transactions if the real money isn’t there so they are not overdrafted. If you have a teen without a debit account yet, consider getting one with them and guiding them to all of the features they have in that account.


I put games ahead of real-life exposure because some games available on the web offer skills training like cash register operation, counting change back, figuring out tax amounts, etc. If they can play such money games, then they can head out to stores and restaurants and be given the task to pay, understand their change and see how prices flex once tax or tips are added. I mean, they still think money grows on trees at a young age!

I like the money games at Their games are so simple, free and safe to play. They offer money games as simple as counting coins in the Coin Saver Challenge for the younger age to games for the older ages, such as calculating tax and tips with Percent Puzzle. This website that teaches money skills with games even offers simulation games such as ringing up groceries or building a city with zones and taxes. Games are a very engaging tool for learning.

Real World Experience

After you get some game play under their belts, take them out to stores and restaurants. Kids love eating out- show them the bill and show them how you figure the tip out. Do you take the tax and double it? Show your teens and they will see that costs always add up and that dinner out was not cheap! Perhaps if they want something bad enough, they will relate when you suggest they buy a few less coffees or demand to eat out a little less to save for that item. Tools like money games and calculators will help calculate tax and tips on the spot.

My teen completely understands when I say, “if you have no fast food stops this week, you could have an extra $25 or so for that item…” He has his bank account, he sees those debits and can instantly justify where to save and spend responsibly. Give them the tools and education because they don’t get ahold of it in your average math class. As parents, we have them for the outings and spending moments, so make it a lesson plan.


Nortiv8 Shoes Are A Must Have For Your Summer Adventures

Nortiv8 Shoes Are A Must Have For Your Summer Adventures

What are your summer goals? Are you wanting to begin a workout or bootcamp, hike more or plan extra camping trips? Maybe you live near a lake or ocean and want to take the kids and dogs to play in the water. I want to introduce you to Nortiv8 for your footwear needs-no matter your goals!

These white ActiveFlow shoes for women are as light as a cloud-as they suggest. It has all the support I need to run errands or walk the dogs by our river and they are so comfortable from the first use! I did not need to take time breaking these in and they fit true to size. They are breathable and are also available in pink and purple.

I also have the Quick Dry Aqua Water Shoes in the light grey pink color packed in the RV for summer camping. Whether at the lake or pool, these shoes keep my feet protected on the elements and hot sand and pavement. The midsole quickly drains water right away and the holes allow for a quick dry. They also offer traction and are very comfortable from the first wear!

From hiking shoes to water shoes, Nortiv8 wants your feet to take you to all of the places you need to go with comfort and durability. I love both of my Nortiv8 shoes and I they are a must for all seasons. Another perk is that you can join Nortiv8 Rewards and complete challenges and earn points to use towards your purchases. It only costs 50 points to redeem free shipping. FREE SHIPPING is also available on ALL orders $69.99 USD and above and in the US only.

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Healthy Living

The State of Rural Healthcare and Hospital Acquisitions

The Current State of Rural Healthcare

Rural areas often need more resources and healthcare professionals. Rural hospitals are closing alarmingly, limiting access to essential health services. These closures have profound implications for the health and well-being of rural communities, as residents are often left with few or no healthcare options nearby. Traveling long distances for primary or emergency care can be challenging and even life-threatening.

Efforts to address this issue are ongoing, including strategic hospital acquisitions to bolster healthcare services in rural areas. For example, the President and CEO of Allegiance Health Management have championed such acquisitions, emphasizing their potential to provide enhanced medical services and resources to underserved regions. By integrating rural hospitals into more extensive healthcare networks, it’s possible to leverage economies of scale significantly and shared resources to improve service delivery.

The Role of Hospital Acquisitions

Hospital acquisitions can mitigate some of the challenges rural healthcare systems face. By integrating smaller hospitals into more extensive networks, acquisitions can enhance resource distribution, staff training, and patient care services. The process generally involves standardizing medical procedures, upgrading equipment, and integrating electronic health records for better patient data management.

For example, when an extensive hospital network acquires a smaller rural hospital, it can provide access to advanced medical technologies and specialized care that would otherwise be unavailable in rural settings. This integration means that patients in these areas can receive higher-quality care without the need to travel to urban centers. Over time, this can lead to significantly better healthcare outcomes and improved patient satisfaction. These benefits are especially crucial for rural populations with limited preventative care and specialist medical services.

Impact on Local Communities

One of the positive outcomes of hospital acquisitions is their impact on local communities. Communities that have experienced hospital acquisitions often report improved healthcare services and increased access to medical specialists. Research suggests these communities benefit from shorter appointment wait times, more comprehensive health services, and better healthcare experiences. Acquisitions can also lead to new medical programs and services tailored to meet the specific needs of the local population.

However, not all acquisitions are immediately beneficial. Some communities may experience initial disruptions as new systems and processes are implemented during the transition. Staff reorganization and the introduction of new technologies can be challenging initially. Nonetheless, the long-term benefits often outweigh the short-term inconveniences. Effective communication between acquiring organizations and community members is crucial for ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of the acquisition.

Financial Implications

Financial stability is a critical factor in the viability of rural hospitals. Many small hospitals operate on thin margins and are at risk of closure due to financial difficulties. Acquisitions can provide much-needed financial support, allowing these hospitals to continue serving their communities. Infusions of capital enable rural hospitals to update aging infrastructure, invest in new technology, and expand their services.

Health Affairs states hospital acquisitions are generally associated with improved financial performance and stability, enabling better overall services. This economic stability is essential for the long-term sustainability of rural hospitals. It ensures they can keep their doors open and continue providing critical health services to their communities. Moreover, financial stability allows these hospitals to attract and retain top talent, essential in delivering high-quality healthcare.

Healthcare Workforce Challenges

Rural areas often face significant workforce shortages, which can be addressed through strategic hospital acquisitions. By becoming part of a more extensive network, rural hospitals can attract more healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and specialists, who are typically drawn to more urban areas. More extensive healthcare networks often offer more competitive salaries, better benefits, and more opportunities for professional development, making rural posts more attractive.

Retaining healthcare workers in rural areas remains a challenge, but acquisitions provide opportunities for professional development, better compensation, and improved working conditions. These advantages can help address chronic understaffing issues and ensure that rural hospitals have the personnel to provide high-quality care. Enhanced training and support can also improve healthcare workers’ morale and job satisfaction, further contributing to retention.

Future Outlook

The future of rural healthcare may increasingly rely on strategic acquisitions and partnerships. As more hospitals face financial pressures and resource shortages, acquisitions could offer a viable solution to ensure consistent and comprehensive medical care for rural communities. Integrating technologies like telemedicine and electronic health records will be essential in this transformation.

Ongoing research and data analysis will be essential in monitoring the long-term effects of these acquisitions on rural healthcare systems. Assessing the financial and healthcare outcomes will be crucial to ensure that the acquisitions provide the anticipated benefits.

The key to success lies in balancing the integration process with the unique needs of rural populations. Transparent communication, community engagement, and continuous evaluation are critical to improving rural residents’ healthcare outcomes. By focusing on these aspects, these networks can ensure that their acquisitions lead to sustainable improvements in rural healthcare and contribute to the overall well-being of these communities.

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Traveling with Pets – Trot Pet’s Elevated Complete Set

We have some camping trips booked and will end up on a few more before the end of fall and will be traveling with pets. I am not sure who enjoys the camping trips more, us or the dogs! They get to run free and chase squirrels and receive attention from other Campers then crash in the trailer after working up an appetite. This season, we are traveling with the Elevated Complete Set of dog feeding bowls from Trot. One of our dogs has to eat elevated to avoid her GI upset and this is the best set we have owned!

The feature of the maze bowl I have with my set helps them eat slower. After running and playing all day, they tend to eat so fast that they will regurgitate their food and that is not a fun mess to clean up in a trailer! These bowls stay in place! It is so well designed as a non-slip set. The lids to save food is also a great feature.

They clean up real well and I can easily move it around. It is so sturdy that you can pick the entire set up, filled with water and food and it won’t collapse on you as you relocate it. I have the mat that also catches drips and crumbs.

The last, but not least, note about this set is that a percentage of every sale goes to Hearts and Bones, a rescue and foster organization dedicated to finding loving and forever homes for pets in need. With each purchase from Trots, you’re not only enhancing your pet’s life but also contributing to the welfare of animals in shelters. Shop the Elevated Cplete Sets and mix and match your preferences at