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Your Skin After Pregnancy – How to Navigate Postpartum Changes

Eight out of ten women experience stretch marks after giving birth, and those who don’t may notice that their skin isn’t quite the same as it used to be, according to University of Missouri Health Care. With additional postnatal skin changes including dry, itchy skin and even postpartum changes like acne can prove to be stressful to deal with – especially right after having your baby. From the issues that can arise to what causes them – and how you can go about creating a new skincare regimen, here’s what you should know.

New skin challenges and their causes

While many new mothers may expect to experience some loose abdominal skin following pregnancy, other changes to the skin may not be expected. Postpartum dry skin is just one skin issue that many new mothers may experience. According to Baby Center, fluctuations in hormones like progesterone and estrogen can change the skin’s texture, which can cause dryness.  Postpartum acne is another skin-related concern that many new mothers may face. Healthline notes that developing acne – both during and after pregnancy – is a normal occurrence, and states that breakouts are generally due to changes in progesterone levels (as higher hormone levels increase the production of sebum). While sebum is necessary for healthy skin, too much of it can lead to oiliness – and unwanted breakouts. However, Healthline goes on to point out that progesterone isn’t the only cause of postpartum acne, as increased stress levels can also be a trigger.

Making changes to your skincare routine

When looking to address postpartum skin issues, a combination of lifestyle changes and making changes to your skincare regime can help. For example, managing postpartum acne can be as simple as staying hydrated, ensuring to remove any makeup before bed, and regularly washing your face. Healthline notes that doctors typically recommend using topical medications as a first-line treatment for acne when breastfeeding, though it’s important to not apply any to the chest area so that your baby doesn’t come into contact with the medication. 

Regarding dry skin, What to Expect notes that regularly moisturizing (after showering and before bed) and staying properly hydrated can both help. Using a humidifier can also help when looking to remedy dry postpartum skin, and avoiding harsh soaps as well as hot baths/showers can aid in preventing irritation and further dryness. What to Expect also points out that about 5 to 10 percent of women in the U.S. develop a condition called ‘postpartum thyroiditis,’ which is an inflammation of the thyroid gland following pregnancy, making it essential to talk with your doctor in order to determine if this is the case.

The benefits of prescription skincare

In some cases, prescription skincare products may be a route worth considering, especially if over-the-counter products don’t seem to help treat your postpartum skincare issues. Prescription skincare products use prescription strength ingredients that are medically tested via studies, medical trials, and research, making for a skincare solution that you won’t be able to find in stores. Skin dullness (which can arise from issues like dehydration, skin texture, and acne) as well as acne, breakouts, and scarring from acne as well as overall skin health are all issues that can benefit from prescription skincare. Strength and effectiveness are the primary advantages of prescription skincare, according to The Cleveland Clinic, which goes on to explain that prescription-grade products are able to work their way past the surface layers of the skin, thus allowing the product to work better. 

Navigating changes in your skin as a new mother can be stressful and even overwhelming, though it’s important to realize that not only are issues like dryness and acne normal, but also manageable. From lifestyle changes to topical solutions, even prescription skincare can offer a solution.


Ten Christmas Gifting Ideas for Friends and Loved Ones

Ten Christmas Gifting Ideas for Friends and Loved Ones
Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Christmas is a time for giving, and what better way to show your friends and loved ones how much you care than with a thoughtful gift? If you are struggling to come up with some good ideas, don’t worry—this blog post will discuss ten different Christmas gifting ideas for friends, from books on favorite subjects to Christmas gift baskets. 

1. A Gift Card

Choosing the perfect Christmas present is all part of the holiday fun. But sometimes you just don’t know what to get someone: they express nothing but disinterest at your suggestion of a new sweater, and you don’t want to make that mistake again this year. This is when a gift card really comes into its own—after all, the possibilities are endless! Rather than trying to guess what kind of gift your recipient might like, you can simply let them decide. Whether it’s for shopping online or in-store, a gift card ensures that your present will be exactly what they’re looking for. 

2. Tickets to a Show or Concert

What better way to show someone you care than by buying them tickets to a show or concert? It’s an easy, thoughtful gift that will make your loved one feel special. Whether they prefer the theatre, comedy shows, concerts or sports events—there are plenty of options for everyone. 

3. Gourmet Food Basket

If your recipient loves to indulge in fine food, then why not create a gourmet food basket? Christmas gift baskets are an easy way to show your appreciation, and they can include anything from chocolates and cookies to wine and cheese. No matter what their taste buds are craving, you’re sure to find something that will make them smile. 

4. A Personalized Photo Album

Photos are a great way of preserving special memories, so why not put together a personalized photo album? You can include pictures of the two of you, your family, trips you have taken together—anything that speaks to your relationship. It’s sure to be a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

5. An Experience Gift

Rather than giving your loved ones something material, why not give them an experience they won’t forget? This could be something like a cooking class, wine-tasting tour, or hot air balloon ride. It’s an original and unique way to show your appreciation—and it’s sure to make the recipient smile from ear to ear! 

6. Luxury Bath Salts, Candles, and Soaps

Who doesn’t love a luxurious bubble bath? If your recipient enjoys pampering themselves, then why not give them some luxury bath salts, candles, and soaps that can make their bathing experience even more enjoyable? 

7. A Book on Their Favourite Subject

Knowledge is power, and books are a great way to gain it. If your recipient loves reading and has a particular interest in something, then why not buy them a book about that topic? It’s the perfect gift for someone who wants to expand their horizons. 

8. Artwork

If you have an artistic friend or family member, then why not buy them a piece of artwork? Whether it’s a painting, sculpture, or something unique—having art in the home can be a real pleasure. Your recipient will appreciate this thoughtful gift forever. 

9. Sporting Event Tickets

Sports fans will love the gift of tickets to see their favourite team in a game. It would be a great surprise for someone who loves cheering on their team from the stands. 

10. Something Handmade or Homemade

When it comes to Christmas gifts, nothing says ‘I care’ like something homemade or handmade. Whether it’s a knitted scarf or a homemade cake—it’s sure to be appreciated by your loved one.


Replay your memories with a video book from Heirloom! 

Replay your memories with a video book from Heirloom! 

It is one thing to see photos of loved ones over special occasions – the Holiday cards, wedding announcements and new baby or home photos when you can’t be close. But, what elevates a good photo is voice and movement. Heirloom is you video book, like a photo book, but when you open it a screen plays videos and sound that was meant for you to watch.

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