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Thursday, October 30, 2014

MilkSplash just made that glass of milk more appealing & win $500 #MilkSplashRecipe

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Today my son stayed home sick from school. He woke up sniffling, and coughing up a storm! They say to withhold milk from a coughing child, but I got a knock at my door from the delivery man and our MilkSplash was here! Sick or not sick, I couldn't keep milk away from him! Not to mention his first tooth fell out just prior to that delivery and that deserved a celebration! I suggested the Tooth Fairy must have sent an early gift! He one-by-one read every flavor-by himself! As he read each flavor he'd reply "Ooh! I want that one first...oh wait! This one instead...Oh Wait!..." The choice was hard, but the winning first taste would be Cookies 'N Cream. Wow! That is a milkshake-the flavor is so delicious! I had to tell my son to slow down so I can get a photo shot in before he guzzles it all!

"Mom! Which one do you want to try" That was tough for me too. I opened Orange Cream Dream and it was pretty dreamy! I picture some vanilla ice cream and milk in a blender with this flavor! Yum! 

MilkSplash has 6 flavors in a zero-calorie milk flavor that is easy to use and tastes great! If you have a picky eater who does not like milk, they will get that milk in them now as they won't resist the taste of these MilkSplash flavors. Just squirt and stir. The only difficulty is choosing a flavor!

2014 Splash Off Recipe Contest

MilkSplash makes drinking milk awesome – and now you can use it to make cooking 
awesome too! 

We want to see the creative ways you use MilkSplash in fun recipes 
for your family. Recipes can be submitted until November 29, 2014. One lucky winner 
will receive a $500 Visa gift card for entering the contest! The winner will be 
announced during the MilkSplash Twitter party on December 1, 2014. You must 
attend the party to win. Please remember that all recipes must include at least one 
flavor of MilkSplash.

Find MilkSplash at your local Walmart, Target, HEB and other retailers near you!

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Spice up your Halloween and fall season with Organic India

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Beneficial uses for some Organic India products

Are you looking for spices and foods that not only give your dishes a fun flavor, but add benefits like immune support or healthy inflammation responses? Let me introduce your to Chyawanprash and Turmeric.

What is Chyawanprash?

Chyawanprash is a 100% organic jam that not only tastes great on breads or biscuits, but includes antioxidant-rich fruits such as Amalaki, loaded with natural herbs and boosts immunity. Just a teaspoon a day gives you the "Elixir of Life" with many nutritional benefits of immunity support, digestion and nutrient absorption support. It is also high in Vitamin C and is GMO free.

My son loves it on breakfast biscuits and it is great on crackers. You can be the talk of the party, providing guests such a beneficial and delicious spread. It almost smells like a fruitier version of fig and is that same consistency as paste spread. 

Why use Turmeric Formula?

Turmeric has a reputation of being a great supplement that cleanses the blood and lymph system and promotes a healthy immune and inflammatory system. It is also great for cellular health, skin, lungs, sinuses, joints and digestion. What a powerful spice!

You can take Turmeric as a capsule at 2 a day or do what I do and open the capsule to add it to your recipes. Turmeric goes great in soups, meatloaf, potato cakes, sauces for meats or vegetables, meat rubs, casseroles, pilafs and more!

Organic India has many beneficial beverages, foods and supplements you can add to any recipe to bring more than just great taste to that dish!

Relieve those tired feet with Freeman Bare Foot products

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Yesterday I brought you a post about a massaging oil to help sooth sore muscles and today we talk feet! Whether you are home from an intense workout or have been on the go all day, your feet are one of the first parts of your body to feel the fatigue. If you are a diabetic you know the struggles of maintaining healthy feet. Our feet are what moves us, yet they are one of the most neglected body parts in beauty care. We need our feet. We need to treat them well so they will return the favor for us!

Let's talk foot balm. Freeman Bare Foot Lemon and Sage Foot Balm is labeled ideal for diabetic care. The Tea Tree Oil that is contains helps to soothe our tired feet. Because it is a balm, it works to also moisturize dry, cracked skin as well as softening calluses and for those with diabetes, you suffer as one of the worst for dry, aching feet. The Lemon and Sage was chosen so our feet are left feeling refreshed and invigorated after applying. L-Arginine is also an active ingredient that helps our feet improve in tone and texture. 

For me, a day does not end until the boys are in bed. Only then can I turn on show I like and relax for the evening. To kick off my socks and shoes and massage the Bare Foot Lemon and Sage foot balm into my tired feet is the best way to end a day and start a relaxing evening. We are just sitting around at the end of the day so it is a great time to take a moment and treat our feet. We will need them to work hard for us again tomorrow!

NAR Gourmet brings your holiday cooking to a higher level of taste #HolidayGiftGuide

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As the holidays approach and we pull out those recipe cards we use every year, perhaps there are a few facts about those spices and oils you do not know. There are healthy oils and fattening oils and natural spices and processed spices. The way you shop and choose ingredients can significantly impact the taste and health of your foods. Have you ever had an experience with an everyday food-say a grilled cheese sandwich. There will be a huge difference in taste and appearance in a grilled cheese sandwich made with wholesome breads and real cheese versus one made with thin, generic bread and processed cheese slices. The same goes for your cookies, salads and sauces.

NAR Gourmet spices can come in traditional shakers or like these above. Ready for the table spices are all natural. The best way to get an appealing and aromatic spice is to create them yourself from real plant leaves, seeds or fruit roots. Who has that time? And to get the quantity you want, that's a lot of grinding and mashing! When you shop spices at the grocery store, many of those have been so refined and preserved that you are getting some unnatural ingredients mixed into those spices. This compromises taste, appearance and even your health depending on the preservative used. NAR Gourmet spices are as closed to homemade as you can get. They dry their spice leaves outdoors and away from the sun so you get all of its flavor contained in the spice. Their seeds come from fruits and plants handpicked at their peak and dried under controlled conditions. These are fun to have on the table and give your foods optimal color and taste.

NAR Gourmet oils and vinegars are handcrafted and really bring that depth to your foods. The all-natural fruit vinegars are: apple, mulberry, red wine and white wine. The olive oils are 100% cold-pressed, early harvest extra virgin olive oils. They are made from hand-selected fruits and made in a variety of flavor combinations. 

NAR jams and marmalades are made with all-natural preserves. The flavors are deep and you will not find any pectins, corn syrup or preservatives in these jars. Did you notice the jars? They are too cute to not re-use when empty! There are only natural sugars and pure flavor from fruits picked at their peak.

Take the challenge! Use your store, on-sale oils and spices then use NAR Gourmet and you will taste and smell the difference!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Halloween product that won't weigh you down as you head outdoors

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What do your arms look like as you head out on Halloween night with the kids? ID, flashlights, coats, cell phone, house keys and then as the night goes on you are handed costume attire that keeps falling off and the 'heavy' candy bag, right? Do you backpack it? Not the best option for your back and neck health and then why? So you can take it off and on to your shoulders every stop? eyn Products has a simple solution for many of those items condensed into a small case. 

What is the eyn case?

This is a cell phone case for your iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S/C and Galaxy S4 that allows you to carry your cell, ID, cards and even a key or two in one place! There are many colors to choose from and each phone case holds up to 3 bank cards and cash, includes a mirror in a hinged compartment. It also has a kickstand feature for watching videos and will protect your phone with the polycarbonate, form-firt case.

You can find all the colors and styles at
Free your hands as you head out on Halloween night and take your eyn case with you!

The Night Christmas Actually Happened #ChosenByKids

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I start this 2 part feature with a true story about the night Christmas actually happened one year as I was growing up. There is a lot of fun stuff in this Hit Holiday Toys campaign and I will leave details below followed by the review of a fun Hit Toy next month. For now, here is my story....

When I was in first grade, my father was in a horrible work-related accident. In his delivering supplies to a hospital, he tripped and tumbled down a large flight or stairs. The injuries to his back and neck had him out of work for a long time. The sole bread-winner of our house was hospitalized. My Mom took a paper route to help supplement so she could work while we all slept and be home for  us during the day. It was a tough few years. 

I cannot remember the exact year, but I do remember VCR's were popular and so were Cabbage Patch Kids. We left on Christmas Eve for regular festivities and arrived home later in the evening. We had no clue the financial struggles in our home and were just so excited that Santa is due in that night and we wanted to hurry to bed. We had dreams of Cabbage Patch Kids and He-Man toys galore! As we approach the doorstep, we find a large black trash bag. My Mom peeks inside and you won't believe what was in there! Who left this? It was obvious to me my parents were just as puzzled. I get my chance to peek-my brothers were younger and don't remember if they even were a part of all this. Perhaps they have trampled inside to bed. I only remember myself and my parents there. I get my head close to peek and there are Cabbage Patch Kids, He-Man toys and even a VCR with movies. VCR's were a lot of money when they first came out and there one was in that bag! To this day I do not know who left that bag, but as I got older and was reminded of this Holiday, I have since been told that this came at a year Christmas was not going to happen the way it had in previous years and my parents just never had the heart to warn us. We have family and friends in town, we belong a a large church-someone gave us all a Christmas that year! I got my Cabbage Patch Show Pony in that bag I had been wanting and cherished it for a very long time!

Give the children in your life the joy of finding the toys they love under the tree this year. Perhaps you make a little extra room in your budget and remember giving trees and donation drives this season to give back. I have always adopted children from giving trees every year since I had my very first job as a teenager. Even in tough times, I always picked up extra to give. 

By attending the numerous Toy Events at Walmart over the next several weeks, you can learn more about this years Hit Toys. I will be at the LEGO Junior Event in Wa. State in November and plan to purchase the LEGO Juniors Batman: Defend the Batcave toy at this event to bring home and share it with all of you. I will also purchase a second one that will be given away to a child this Holiday season who is in need. Together, my son and I will search for children in need who may be the perfect age to receive this set from Walmart. It is easy to give with such low prices on these hit toys like LEGO Juniors, Hasbro My Little Pony, Dancing Olaf, Mattel Matchbox Wrecky and more!

Find an in-store event at your local Walmart:  

Find more stories like this by following the hashtag: #ChosenByKids

Have fun on National Cat Day with the Cat Paw from Wicked Toys #CatPaw

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October 29th is National Cat Day and what a great way to celebrate by having the Cat Paw by Wicked Toys. Perhaps the cat won't call it a 'celebration', but the family will have a blast! It is a feisty, yet friendly toy that will have the kids laughing and running all around with their paw that makes cat noises and bends its claw like a real cat does. They have been a popular toy and I have my out for one for this years White Elephant gift. It would make a fun gift to give! #catpaw on #nationalcatday

My son has been carrying his Cat Toy all over the house and outside. He has laughed and engaged with the neighbors and his brother with his paw. 

Grab up the Cat Paw on you next online shopping day from Toys R Us and have a blast at home or the office. Just wait until the kid comes out in everyone as you make the Cat Paw available at your next party!

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