Thursday, May 5, 2016

Headphones Kids Will Want To Wear

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Who would think that today we would have a discussion on the best ear buds for our child's electronics? When I was a kid, there was hardly a headphone in a child's size and if you could find one they were a hard plastic or oversized pair that were never comfortable to wear. Now kids use electronics everywhere and the headphones are an important accessory. 

My son has a tablet, a phone with just games loaded and he likes to play with our devices as well. He uses his headphones in the car and RV so we don't have to hear his volume and even when he falls asleep so he can drown outside noises out and just hear his music. He hates wearing the earbud type and will reach for his over-ear headphones. Now he has a pair of kids CozyPhones and he takes them everywhere, including to bed.

The headphones are a soft headband-great for sensory issues or even kids like mine that hate earbuds. Within the headband are 2 very thin speakers for each ear that are removable so you can place the right fit for your child. The designs are a lot of fun from frogs, solid colors and the emoji face CozyPhones like my son has and loved best. The cord is braided and extra long so it will last and withstand use. They can still hear Mom and Dad calling for them through the headphones and they stay in place so well.

CozyPhones are also available in adult sizes. I love using mine to hear music when I fall asleep on nights my husband needs silence to sleep. He lays right next to me and it does not bother him at all- he states he cannot hear my music playing when I have them on. The leopard print adult size CozyPhones I have are the perfect travel pair and it comes with a travel bag as well to keep them safe.

You will find that your CozyPhones are also great for air or car travel along with many other uses where bulky headphones are not providing you the comfort you want. Visit for all styles and sizes.

College Bound: WAFF Binders and Notebooks

I was sent samples for feature

If you are a student or will be sending a student off this fall to College, you may realize just how much technology is involved in their daily school lives. In fact some of the only hand writing they may do the most frequently is math problems and note taking. Now when you head down a notebook aisle you are met with lots of size choices and designs. As a young student, it's about convenience but also a bit of personality when it comes to the look of their own things from their dorm room decor to supplies they use daily.

WAFF has found such a fun and customizable way for students to add personality to the one book they will surely carry around all year long-their notebook! From notebooks that are small to ones a bit larger you can find styles where they design themselves or just naturally look classy and professional. I have 2 great examples below.

The LeRoyal notebook is on the smaller side with 148 pages of quality lined paper inside and is made with a genuine recycled leather cover. Inside you will also find a cut pocket to store business cards and the cover closes on the 2 tabs that become a part of the front design. Small enough to fit in a medium to large purse or in the front pockets of a backpack.

The WAFF Combo comes in large, medium and mini sizes. It comes with 2 clips to hold the notebook shut and 190 lined pages. There are 50 alphabet cubes and 50 colored blank cubes to give the cover your own design and personality.

Visit to see all of the styles and get your student's hope chest started today!

Find GoodBelly Probiotic Juices at SuperTarget | Giveaway

I was sent samples for feature

I have tried a few probiotic supplements and what I am left with is an upset stomach. My husband takes them just fine and he only suffers when he stops taking them and I seem to not be able to handle the actual capsules. A few months back I tried a sample of GoodBelly Probiotic Juices and not only did I love the taste, but it worked and without an upset stomach. It was a much enjoyable way to get probiotic support.

There was only 1 store in my area that carried them and it is not often I am out that way until now because they are in a retailer much closer to me. SuperTarget stores just added 7 GoodBelly sku's to their stores. You can find carton and PlusShot's in the following flavors throughout the stores now:
  • Blueberry Acai
  • Mango
  • Tropical Green
  • Pomegranate BlackBerry Juice Drinks
  • PlusShots in Blueberry Acai, Mango and Pomegranate Blackberry flavors


Let's celebrate! I am giving away a $20 Target Gift Card & 3 VIP GoodBelly Coupons courtesy of GoodBelly to 1 lucky reader. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 5/19. Good luck!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Fears We Have as Parents and How We Can Deal With Them

It seems like when you become a parent, there is some worry and panic that just comes with the territory. Even when you are pregnant, there is much concern about your baby’s health and wellbeing. This doesn’t go away, even when you are holding them in your arms. Are our children in actual danger or is worrying just part and parcel of being a parent?

Whatever the answer is to that, there are things that we can work on. We can make sure that we aren’t worrying as much. There will always be a tiny bit of worry, but there is no need for us to be suffering from extreme worry. If we don’t deal with the worry now, it will only get worse as they children get older. More freedom means more worry for them, right?


We can worry that our children won't reach their intellectual potential and won’t land their dream job. It can be a lifelong worry for us. We live in uncertain economic times so you never know what will happen. What we can do is to make sure that we train our children to be thrifty. We can train the, to work hard and teach them the value of hard work. Then, whatever circumstances they face, they will be able to work to the best of their ability. If we hand everything to them on a plate, it will be harder for them to make it on their own.

We may fear that someone will hurt or child or take them from us. This can seem like such a real fear as we hear about these kinds of things in the news quite often. We need to make sure that we do all we can to keep them safe. If you ever think ‘should I just leave them for a few minutes’, then you probably shouldn’t. It is also a good idea to install some security at home like the home security from ADT. Then you can have peace of mind that when you are all sleeping, that they will be safe. It is important to build up a good relationship with your children too. If they can talk to you, they will share if there is someone new in their life or if there is someone that is getting a little too close.

We may worry that our children might be in an accident and hurt themselves. The reality is that this will happen at some point. We just don’t want it to be anything extreme that can cause long term damage. So we need to make sure that we take all the safety precautions that we should. Making sure we use the right car seat for our child’s age, as well as road and bike safety, is so important. If you drive sensibly, it will teach them that that is how you behave in a car. We can only hope that they will take that on when they learn to drive as a teenager.

Spring Cleaning with Kids

Spring cleaning with kids - make an easy schedule

With the coming of the spring most people get prepared by cleaning their homes and if you have kids this can be a tricky task. So why not involve them in the work to get your home maintained clean and dust-free. By creating a spring cleaning schedule for your kids and teach them to adhere to it you will help them become more responsible and organised. Besides that, they will help you with the cleaning you would do alone in other cases. Check how to make an easy schedule for spring cleaning with your kids.

The first thing you need to do is ask your children help you with the cleaning regularly and the best way to achieve it is by making a schedule for them. This way they will know their responsibilities and help you with the domestic work. Divide their cleaning tasks depending on their age and abilities. Write down each chore under the room where it should be done and pin the list in a cork wall in their room. Tell them to put a thick next to each task they have completed and let them play after completing all tasks.

In the bedroom they can remove every item under the beds and put it on its place, remove all objects from the floor and put them away. They can also remove the dirty sheets and pillow cases from the beds and bring all of them in the laundry for washing. These are tasks which can be done by younger kids not only by older ones.

In the play room your kids can help with the tidying and putting of all items to the proper places. Let them place the CDs and video games in their cases and organize their toys and items by type. They should make without problems this room tidy on their own.

In the entrance and hallway area they can help you by putting the shoes in the cabinets and the coats in the closet. Your kids can organize the sports equipment and gear in boxes, rucksacks, bags and bins designated for the purpose. Make sure the closet is tidy and clean and if it is necessarily you can let your kids help you with the dusting and tidying of the items in it.

In the car your kids can help you gather items and trash from the floor, door and luggage compartments. They can sweep the carpet and car seats using a stiff brush. Leave the hoovering of the vehicle for yourself as it may not be appropriate for kids.

As a part of the spring cleaning, de-cluttering is work which you kids can get involved in are suggesting from Tenancy Clean Islington. You can make them check for dried markers, paints and pens, broken toys and other items  that aren't in good condition. You can explain them how to sort the items by the materials they are made of and prepare them for recycling. Let your kids organize all art supplies, toys and games in baskets, drawers and cabinets to be at hand whenever they want to use them. 

A great way to motivate your kids to get involved in the spring cleaning is by offering them a reward for the good work they have done. Tell them that after finishing the cleaning they can go play and this will stimulate them get ready faster. Once you make your kids clean and tidy their belongings and rooms you can create a habit that will be useful for them in the future. Spring cleaning will be faster, easier and better done with the help of your kids. Use check-list divided by rooms to designate the cleaning work to your kids depending on their age.

Written by Tilly Rose,  writer and a small cleaning business owner, based in London.

Easy Car Safety Checks

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If there is one trip we take most often every spring and summer, it is small road trips. We also have an RV we pull with our truck and making sure we do some quick checks before we leave is very important to us. My husband works corporate in auto retail and even my 2 older boys work in his same company and we take car care and maintenance as a top priority in our home. We have multiple cars and never are they not up to date on fluid changes, healthy tires, clean interior and exterior, clean air filters and simple fixes. It is almost a constant activity to maintain a vehicle and add in the RV and ATV's we are always spending time on one vehicle or another at some point every month.

You live in a home you maintain, raising a family you maintain and spend the majority of your other free time in a car transporting precious cargo yet many pay it the least attention. Intimidation. I think that is what keeps us from maintaining our vehicles. Many know their cars inside and out and the other half of us just get in and drive it with no other thought or care unless we see or hear a problem while driving. Maintenance saves trouble and money in the long run and is safer for travel. Even with newer car models, there are still simple maintenance checks and fixes you can do on your own.

You can do simple checks no matter who you are before hitting the road or right now, if it has been a while. Whether you are 16 or 85, man or women, a car enthusiast or you have to double check that car your drive's model again, you can do these simple checks on your own. Get to know your car and care for it and it will stay as healthy as possible for you and keep you safe in return. 

Here is a simple checklist to print. Make some notes and a shopping list if you need to and you are in a much safer position before heading out on your next road trip.

Click to download/print
When it comes to maintaining your car's health, the first line of defense is it's air filter. I changed mine for the summer with the FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter which I was able to pick up at my local Walmart. It cost me under $13 and took me about 5 minutes to change. I didn't even need tools as my Honda CRV just has some clips I need to pull to loosen the filter hood and switch out the old one for a new, clean air filter. Find your cars's correct FRAM filter by visiting the Walmart FRAM page.

Why is your car's air filter a line of defense? The air filter improves air flow within the engine by preventing dirt and dust from entering and doing damage to the engine. Not only does it filter dirt and debris, having better air flow can increase acceleration, horsepower and overall engine performance. That dust and dirt disrupts all of these important functions. It is important to keep a clean air filter by changing it out every 12,000 miles (follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle's owner manual). That manual is not just a glove box space filler, it gives you a shopping list with part numbers for keeping your car maintained for the best engine and overall vehicle health.

Still unsure when you can get around to doing these simple changes? Think about this-would you put your child on a carnival ride that no one inspects or maintains? Before traveling with the family again, did you take the time to inspect and maintain your car?

Nixplay Seed Edition WiFi Cloud Frame

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More than an electronic photo frame, the Nixplay Seed Edition frame keeps all of your loved ones connected. By this, I mean that this frame stores photos you have taken or photos that family and friends you approve can add to and instantly have them displayed in your home. I'll explain how this works below. Can you imagine a child's birthday party that all family may not be able to attend, but they can send photos and even add text right to the home on the displayed frame? That would make the day even more special. 

Choose a Nixplay Seed Unit

The Nixplay Seed comes in 3 sizes and 4 colors. You can order a 7, 8 or 10 inch frame in black, blue, mango or mulberry. The frame comes with the newly updated mobile app for iOS and Android. The frame is always 'on'. It uses Wi-Fi connectivity to display photos sent from anywhere in the world instantly. You can send photos using the mobile app or web app. No memory cards or sticks are used. The frame rests on it's own cord to stand up.

Upload Photos and Create Playlists 

The first thing you do is turn on your frame and follow the on screen instructions. Using your remote you will connect the frame to your Nixplay account. To get a free Nixplay account, simply head to and register. Once your frame is connected you will be directed to the main menu of the screen. You now need to add photos so you can choose a display option. 

By using the mobile app or web app, you can get photos from your own files, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Dropbox or Flickr. To set mine up I sat at my computer and worked in each platform uploading the pictures I wanted into playlists I created in my Nixplay photo board. I also downloaded the app so I can instantly send a photo to my playlists right after taking the shot. You no longer need to wait until you get home and try to remember to upload your photos of the day. From the app you can grab a photo from your phone or tablet gallery instantly. Invite family and friends to send photos by sending them a pre-prompted email from within your Nixplay account.

Fix Your Settings

Once I had a playlist active I decided there were some settings I wanted to customizing from the default ones on the frame. Grab your frame's remote and hit the setting button to access frame, network, display, time zone settings as well as look for current updates and some additional advanced settings. I corrected my time zone to the correct PST and decided I want the frame to auto shut-off after 10 minutes if we leave the room. The frame can sense movement so it has that option. I also chose to have photos fit-to-screen and I wanted the clock displayed so I checked that option.

Within settings you can also choose transition types, shuffle photos or continuous display and set the brightness among other small options.

I keep mine at my work desk and the boys love walking by and stopping to watch the current slide show. My frame pictured is the 10 inch frame in blue. Visit Nixplay Seed Frames to learn more.