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Friday, October 9, 2015

Celebrate Non-GMO Month with NestFresh Eggs

October is Non-GMO Month!

GMOs pose a risk to our health, our families, and our environment. Every October, Non-GMO Month provides a powerful opportunity to coordinate our voices and our actions. Across North America brands, retailers and individuals stand up for our right to know what’s in our food, and to choose non-GMO.

Visit for a list of retailers participating in Non-GMO Month. You can also visit to learn about product verification. One great product is NestFresh eggs. They were the first verified non-GMO eggs in America and they are cage-free!

Find NestFresh Eggs near you at!

L'Dara gets you beauty from the inside out

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L'Dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum

Have you heard of LBP-5 Complex? If I were to be more simple, perhaps you have heard the phrase: Beauty comes from within? L'dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum together with the L'dara supplement works within your body to bring out your natural beauty. Serum is only skin deep, the supplement works from the inside out and this little duo gives you the ultimate anti-aging power no simple lotion or serum alone can do. 

As a science, LBP-5 Complex is an isolated compound derived from the Goji Berry. Goji Berries have been discovered to provide many benefits to our health by providing powerful antioxidant effects, immune support, overall health and anti-aging. LBP stands for lycium barbarum polysaccharide. It's important to know what active ingredients are in your cosmetics and where they come from so you can be sure you are using safe products.

L'Dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum

I am using this myself and I put it on after I cleanse and tone and before my moisturizer morning and night. It is great on all skin types and is an all-in-one serum. It addresses fine lines, wrinkles, anti-aging, dullness, discoloration, enlarged pores, loose skin, roughness and dryness. It penetrated the outer layer of skin so you get a deep down youthful appearance. The serum is paraben free, pthalate free, fragrance free, gluten free and free of synthetic colors.

L'Dara Within™ Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Supplement

This is the only skin supplement that utilized LBP-5 Complex derived from the Goji Berry and contains the new Ceramin-L. As you get older your skin begins to dry and sag because of the loss of structure within your body and cells. Ceramin-L helps replenish the lost structure and ceramides leaving you with moisture within to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and leaves you with smoother skin. They are FDA verified and brings you complete beauty support from the inside. 

Using the supplement and serum together truly replenishes and leaves your aging skin as youthful as it once was. Learn more at

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cardinal Health products every parent needs

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Did you know that 1 in 5 patients are readmitted within 30 days of a hospital discharge? The care you take at home after leaving the hospital for conditions, surgeries or injuries is crucial to proper healing. You never know when someone in your household will end up injured or in need of a procedure and the worst time to stock up on home care products is after they are needed and you are in the middle of recuperating at home. Being prepared with simple, common health items can make a difference in the patients healing from post childbirth to wound repairs.

Cardinal Health has the Hospital quality in-home products you can pick up and have on hand for the return home after such hospital visits that require after care. Below are a few common items that could help in the healing in huge ways.
  • Instant Hot & Cold Packs: these can be kept in the first aid cabinet and when a cold or hot pack is needed, you simply shake and activate the heat or cold that lasts 30 minutes. Great to grab in a hurry and use on the way into a clinic when an injury occurs. It should last the car ride in until you get some more medical attention for that split lip or knee.
  • Vinyl Exam Gloves: When infection or blood flows, you do not want to contaminate. Whether the injury is fresh or you are in post-hospital wound care stage the gloves will keep you and family members free of fluid contact.
  • Wound Cleanser: If dirt and debris finds your wounds, you can use this safe wound cleaner to keep it clean
  • Transparent Dressing Bandages: Some wounds need more than that Star Wars bandage in the kids first aid pack! The transparent dressing gives great coverage of a wider area and can be worn up to 7 days.
You can pick up Cardinal Health products at and if you live in Wa. State or the Midwest, you will find them at Bartell Drugstores and Meijer Pharmacy's.

Vermont Country Store brings the natural scent of Christmas to your home

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Vermont Country Store: Balsam Log Cabin Incense burner & Fir Incense refills

I love the smell of Christmas! Pine trees, fir, apple pies, pumpkin are all scents of the holidays and I love to fill my home with these aromas. If I could bake a pie everyday I could have that delicious aroma, but I am not baking daily pies through the holidays. Perhaps I can cut down a fresh fir and drag it inside everyday? Nope, I cannot do that either. I don't like using commercial spray scents too often because most are aerosol with harsh chemicals I am spraying in the air and the scent only lasts seconds. Incense has always been a popular choice and with fun designs and holiday scents at the Vermont Country Store, you can find incense that does not contain chemicals and fills you home with great aromas. 

I have the Balsam Log Cabin Incense burner and a box of Balsam Fir Incense refills. How adorable is that chimney? I simply place my burner on a fun plate and put an incense log in the chimney and it burns away with a great holiday scent. 

I love browsing catalogs to see fun and unique items I can give as gifts. The Vermont Country Store has so many of these items that make fun gifts or items you can use in your own home or office to greet customers. What I love best is the natural products they have to keep me and my family healthy. You can find cookbooks with healthy recipes and supplements from trusted brands. There are so many items to choose from that if you like gifting themed baskets, you can find so many items to fit your needs. 
As you browse for the perfect gift this holiday season for family, friends or co-workers make sure you head over to the website and take a look! They have so many items to choose from that I'm sure you will find something for everyone on your shopping list.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Vitafusion™ Lil' Critters™ Vitamins are Gluten Free

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There are supplements for everything and within the different types of supplements, there are several brands and combinations to choose from. It's tough enough to try and decipher the best brands for ourselves, but what about our children? I give my son a multi vitamin every morning with breakfast and I choose my brand based on what is in the vitamin and most importantly, what is NOT in the vitamin. I also need ones that taste great so that I don't have to fight him to take his vitamins. He is 7 and since he was a toddler he has been taking the Lil' Critters™ vitamins from vitafusion™. 

The recipe to a good children's vitamin

Not only does my son like the gummy bear taste, I love the ingredients and it was by far the best choice sitting on the shelves and have just never thought to try any other brand since. Many vitamins at the mass retailers have added ingredients like aspartame, sorbitol and hydrogenated oils to name a few. These are just highly irresponsible ingredients to put in any product let alone a child's vitamin in my opinion. You will not find these ingredients in Lil' Critters™.

Lil' Critters™ gives my son Vitamin A that is great for eye health, Vitamin B's for cell support, Vitamin C & E as antioxidants, Vitamin D for bone support and other minerals. There is no gluten, high fructose corn syrup or synthetic dyes. A good vitamin considers every ingredient it uses to give the best vitamin and mineral support without using ingredients that can cause other health problems. 

They should also taste good and remain fresh. These vitamins do just that. The gummies are always moist until the last dose. The flavors are made naturally using cherry, berry and citrus and my son loves them. I never have to talk him into taking his vitamins. 

Staying stocked up on Lil' Critters vitamins for my son is as easy as picking them up on my Walmart trips. I love that Walmart offers so many gluten free variety of foods and health products so I can afford them. No more driving across town and paying a fortune at health stores. The next time you are at Walmart take a look and you will find many gluten free products. If you are interested in recipes featuring some of these products, visit the Walmart Gluten Free Community Page.

Give your kids the supplement they may need without the glutens or sweeteners they don't need. The kids will love the gummies of Lil' Critters™ Gummy Vites from vitafusion™.

The perfect trail mix and Albertsons Stock Up Sale at Banner Stores

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Chances are there is a time in your day that you need a quick snack for yourself or family while on the go or in a rush. And chances are you have a cupboard full of granola bars and snack size bags of chips picked up from the grocery store. You buy these because they are easy to grab in a hurry or pack into a lunch. But did you know that you can easily make the perfect trail mix to always have on hand and it makes a wholesome snack for those game days when the kids need energy and nutrition for a day on the field. First, you need to get to know what makes up the perfect trail mix and why. You want a trail mix full of nutrients and protein, not fatty calories.


Nuts are the protein you need in a snack on a busy day to keep you full and energized. The right nut gives you healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and protein. The wrong nuts give you added calories. All nuts will give you about the same fats, protein and Omega-3's and they assist you in feeling fuller longer so you do need to consume in moderation so you do not ruin your appetite for the day. Almonds have the lowest calories with cashews coming in second and pistachios take third place. The healthiest choices are raw or dry roasted as opposed to ones roasted in oils or honey. The worst nuts would be macadamia and pecans as they pack the highest calories. However, these are still healthy nuts and the calorie difference is not huge. Just remember to use portion control, when consuming any nuts.


Many seeds are packed full of nutrients but don't make the best trail mix additive because of their size and the ability to grab by the hand and eat them such as chia seeds and hemp seeds are great in so many ways (they do not contain THC so no worries about it's relation to the hemp you hear of), but unless they are mixed in a yogurt or dressing they don't taste the best. So the seeds I would choose for a trail mix are pumpkin seeds that offer you B vitamins, protein, iron, magnesium and zinc and even is known to lower anxiety levels due to the protein source, Tryptophan. My kids favorite are sunflower seeds and they offer you Vitamin B, Vitamin E for healthy cells and folate (great if you're pregnant).


We all know that a handful of berries is such a great benefit in so many ways, but unless you plan to consume that trail mix right away I don't recommend fresh berries in a mix that will be dropped in a soccer bag and sit out on a field in the sun all day. The alternative is dried fruits, but choose wisely. Dried fruits have their water removed so they are more concentrated and higher in calories than fresh fruit. Dehydrated peaches are so delicious and I find mine at my local Safeway with the other dried fruits and are a great source of Vitamin A and iron. Dried apricots are my son's favorite! These are an excellent source of Vitamin A, E, copper and Potassium. Just make sure you pay attention to any added ingredients such as added sugars so look for 'no sugar added' on the package labels.


The best way to up the calories and sugars into your snack is dumping chocolates into the mix. If you want to add some healthy sweetness, consider coconut flakes, more dried fruits like cranberries and if chocolate is a must-to get your kids enticed-then stick to organic kinds like mini chips that don't pack on the calories or even some dry oat cereals for a touch of sweetness but just add a little bit. I'll throw in some Honey Nut Cheerios because it excites my son, but where he gets a few cereal pieces, he picks up a handful of nuts and fruit with it. Lightly sweetened granola is also a delicious sweet addition. There are all natural flavored coconut chips my son loves sweetened with cocoa too!

I just completed my trail mix shopping at my local Safeway during the current Stock Up sale. In this sale I can grab some Honey Nut Cheerios and Nature Valley Granola for a low price to add to the nuts, seeds and fruits. Once home it takes no time at all to throw it all together and make individual servings so they are ready to grab. I always take some while running errands and let my son grab handfuls at his sports games when he comes in from play. I also like to switch it up each time with changing the fruit or nuts so the family does tire of the same mix.

The Albertsons/Banner stores Stock Up Sale is happening at Albertsons, Safeway and Jewel Banner stores Sept 30-Oct 13 and in Acme, Shaws and Star Banner stores Oct 2-Oct 15. Check your local store for a complete list of all products in ad that are on sale at great stock up prices. Fall is here and now that school and sports are starting again, the perfect trail mix is a great snack choice for the entire family.

Have you had a chance to stock up yet in this Stock Up Sale?

6 Reasons Why You would Need a Personal Emergency Alert Device like V. ALRT

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You may have heard of personal emergency alert devices and perhaps you think to yourself that as the elderly become less dependent, these devices were created for them. Do you conclude that alert devices are to give peace of mind to families who have an elderly family member or friend who still live independently? I always felt that about these devices and never gave much thought to the benefits they can bring to people of all ages.

I was able to take 6 reasons why you would need a personal emergency alert device based on suggestions from the V. ALRT device and share some with you. Like other emergency alert devices, the V. ALRT gives personal protection that works with mobile devices and can send texts and calls in an emergency. What makes the V. ALRT unique to the others is that it is multi versatile. You can wear as a wristband or a pendant and it works on both systems-iOS or Android with no monthly fees. You can customize the device, wear it and it is ready to protect!

6 reasons why you would need a personal emergency alert device 
  1. Kids School Safety: If your kids take the bus or walk home alone, there is no other peace of mind than arming them with an emergency alert device. They can easily check in with you or alert you to other activity as you customize within the app and the synched V. ALRT device.
  2. Connecting families: A V. ALRT in a purse or overnight bag will give an instant hotline to Mom or Dad if needed
  3. Fitness: Whether you leave home to jog the streets or attend a 24 hour fitness gym alone, the V. ALRT is your instant connection to family for alerts as you have access to the mobile panic button
  4. College: The most vulnerable time for your child as they become independent on a school campus. This device can be used as a panic button or instant hotline to parents and contacts close by
  5. Accidents: If ever you are alone with an injury and you need help, if the V. ALRT is on you then you have instant access to send a message to a contact or panic button to summon help.
  6. Medical Alerts: many conditions may leave someone feel homebound. You can customize the V. ALRT to get in contact with doctors or professionals while out running errands if you get stuck

Really, the possibilities are endless as to when it would be good to keep protected by a personal emergency alert device. Order your V. ALRT today and no fees are needed. Once it arrives, you can be connected in minutes!