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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fitness trackers and wearables: Why wearables need more heart

I wanted to share with you the words by Liz Dickinson, CEO of Mio Global because as a former surgery scheduler in cardiac medicine, knowing your vitals is so important. There are many gadgets out there to help you determine your health and maintenance goals. Here is some education as you begin or continue to use these apps and devices you may want to know.

The hype around the wearable tech industry has steered many consumers straight to Amazon in search of a fitness gadget that will tell them how healthy or unhealthy they act on a regular basis. Some feel they can’t become healthier unless they are tracking their progress every step of the way. But as we begin to see through the hype, the wearable tech industry seems to be way behind in one important area—actually making us healthier.

The one thing that all fitness trackers have in common are statistics. Tracking steps, calories, sleep patterns, and everything in between, wearable tech devices claim to paint a better picture of a consumer’s health by zoning in on a few key metrics. While these statistics do provide helpful information about how much a person moves and how many calories are burned, they provide little information regarding actual physical health improvement.

Beyond the hype of the wearable tech industry, I see great potential for its future; however, I believe there should be a stronger connection between wearables and the heart. Without a close connection to heart metrics, it’s impossible for consumers to understand true improvement. With only steps and distance, you’ll find yourself right back where you started; or even worse, move on to the next piece of wearable equipment that provides you with a different statistic. If wearable tech providers can integrate heart rate tracking to provide an actual distinction between current and potential health, we might find ourselves using these devices on the road to becoming healthier.

To draw this connection, wearable tech providers must educate consumers regarding the connection between the statistics proclaimed and an actual solution for better health. For example, many are overhyped with the idea of tracking steps and reaching a certain numerical goal or competing with friends, but completely ignore the food and nutrients they are putting into their body on a regular basis. This conundrum continues to cycle as the wearable device user walks more steps, yet continues to consumeunhealthy foods and drinks. Similarly, heart rate training offers key insights into the stability and strength of the heart, yet few actually know what their heart rate, or increased heart rate during a workout, means for their health. By only offering certain statistics and very little background, wearable device users find themselves unbalanced and undereducated, all while thinking they are getting “healthier.”

The more correlated tracked statistics are to human bodily functions, the more likely they are to provide a solution instead of just another number. As our body’s most important vital sign, heart rate can tell us a lot about our actual fitness level. Having access to real-time heart rate is a step beyond tracking less vital statistics, like steps and caloric burn.

Until now, accurate heart rate tracking has not been available. Even some major players claim to accurately track heart rate, but it’s not consistent or reliable enough to track heart health accurately. Having access to accurate and continuous heart rate tracking will play a role in providing usable feedback on sleep, weight loss and other health-related concerns. Detecting problems or fluctuations in the human heart give us the information we need to develop solutions for becoming healthier.

The wearable tech industry will continue to grow—dozens of new players are entering the market on a regular basis and big companies like Samsung, TomTom, Adidas and others are claiming their stake in the space. As the hype continues, the importance of tracking with heart and actual treatments derived from statistics will continue to emerge. Only when we strike the balance between tracking heart rate and understanding how to improve it will wearable devices help us become healthier people.

-By Liz Dickinson

Get Tooth Sensitivity Relief with Crest Sensi-Stop Strips #SensiStop

This is a promotional post on behalf of Smiley360

I have always had issues with sensitive teeth. I use sensitivity toothpaste and I eat cold foods cautiously. I take ibuprofen before every dentist visit and don't allow them to use the ultra-scale unless necessary. Taking care of sensitive teeth to avoid pain is not fun. Crest understands this and now there is an aide. Crest Sensi-Stop Strips can ease that sensitivity for up to 30 days.

About Crest Sensi-Stop Strips
  • Apply strips to sensitive area for 10 minutes
  • Relief lasts up to 30 days
  • 1strip for a targeted contact
  • Relief happens at first strip
  • 6 Strips per box (6 months of relief)
Learn more by visiting and

Promotion through Smiley360. I was provided the strips for review. All opinions are 100% my own

Restore your skin's natural radiance with VoilaVe Dead Sea Mud Mask

This is a promotional post for VoilaVe

Have you visited the beauty aisle lately-or should I say aisles. There are so many options yet what I keep finding is that the natural and effective products, for the most part, are only found online. I am an Amazon Prime member for that reason. I have no problem shopping from home if I will get a better product, shipped free within 2 days. When it comes to beauty, it is all about preference. Exfoliating is a necessary beauty regimen. I do it regularly, but I am not into devices or harsh blades so my preference are using exfoliating cleaners and masks. 

One you narrow down you preferred exfoliating method, you narrow your choices. Now I look for a product that is as natural as possible with no added harsh chemicals and that cuts a huge amount of choices out. Now I am left with comparing prices-when I do this, I find that $30 is about the correct price range to not overpay for an all-natural exfoliating mud mask without the ingredients I am avoiding. The last way to narrow down those choices I look at reviews and quantity. VoilaVe Dead Sea Mud Mask costs just under $30 shipped free with Amazon Prime and comes in a large 160z jar. Perfect price, ingredients and has a money-back guarantee.

About VoilaVe Dead Sea Mud Mask
  • All-natural, organic, pure and direct from the Dead Sea in Israel
  • No chemicals or artificial additives
  • Gentle facial exfoliation
  • Heals dry, oily and acne, psoriasis and eczema-prone skin
I love the gentle exfoliation that gets the clean I want without being to abrasive. Head over and learn more about the VoilaVe Mud Mask.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

BodyArmor for a natural energy on-the-go

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One drink-so many benefits. As the most respected athletes discover nutrients in a bottle such as BodyArmor, consumers are also seeing the benefits. Whether you are a fitness addict or a parent on-the-go, these beverages offer so much more than that can of soda. It is hard to constantly stay on a regimen that allows us to count calories and nutrients. We have so many things happening in our day, we just need a product that gives us what we need for us! BodyAmor has the electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants our body craves the more busy we are and it does not require nutrition counting or supplement pills to swallow. If athletes like Richard Sherman, Kobe Bryant and Andrew Luck are choosing BodyArmor, I trust the brand. 

I have all boys and each of them have or are in sports. I was never the Mom that sent them with sugary sports drinks as I believed if I fed them well before and after a game and made sure they drank plenty of water it was much better than serving them the contents within the sports drinks. I wish I had BodyArmor a long time ago. As the boys hit their teens, they wanted sports drinks at games and I had to search for the best ingredients I could. Ultimately they ended up with vitamin water. There just wasn't options for a sports drinks without artificial sweeteners or flavors. As my youngest is just starting out in sports, I am happy to know there are brands like BodyArmor committed to offering a natural and more beneficial sports drinks for when my son hits those older, high-intense years of sports down the road. For now, I love BodyArmor to keep me going and hydrated as a Mom to boys always on the go!

The proof is in the label! Having BodyArmor on hand means you are consuming all natural energy! An energy that is real and will produce a better workout or a much more efficient day as you move from task to task without burning out. For the athletes, the Potassium and Vitamin supplements are plentiful enough to decease that post-workout fatigue and allow your body to gain more from your routine. For the Mom on-the-go looking for proper hydration, you can be satisfied you are not consuming a product with any artificial ingredients or glutens. Your body will be supplemented the vitamins and antioxidants you need to keep you going all day long.

With filtered water, pure cane sugar and coconut water concentrate as the first 3 ingredients, there is no need for anything artificial anyhow! Stop counting nutrients and filling that cabinet with all of those supplements. Take BodyArmor with you and keep moving through your day with a better energy.

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% my own

Fun football party snack recipes with Cakes Under the Influence

This is a promotional post for Cakes Under the Influence

Have you ever had a football party and asked your guests to BYOC! C as in cakes! If you ask guests to BYOB, does showing up with cakes made with favorite cocktail flavors count? If you are thinking "Erinn, you are a parenting Blogger. Why blog about Cakes Under the Influence" the let me tell you why. I do not promote spirit brands, but I am human and a Mom who entertains other adults. I also love baking and when I find a new twist to baking especially when it doesn't involve lolly pops and fruit snacks, I like to bake as an adult when I can. With that, I am also a HUGE football fan (go Seahawks) and when we have friends or family over for the games we entertain adult-style. Cakes Under the Influence have kits and mixes that make excellent party snacks.

Recipe from site: Chocolate-tini cake

I have the Entertainer Baking Kit and it has everything I need to whip up a batch of fun 'adult cakes'. It even comes with recipe ideas and the platter to serve on. All I need is a cocktail brand and some creativity. I loved browsing the recipes and wanted to come up with one as my sister and her husband were joining us for the Seahawks game. Blue and Green pride in adult-snack fun will be in store for a game we can get together for! I will surely share once I create them! We play on Thanksgiving Day and I am thinking of surprising the family with these!

About Cakes Under the Influence
  • Family owned & operated company
  • 2014 Bronze Innovation Award Winner
  • Kits come with molds, papers and cake mix
  • Recipe page is ongoing and keeps growing
  • Find cake kits, cocktail cookie cutters, baking supplies, mixes and serverware
Find a kit that will make you a hit at the next football party or BBQ and BYOC!

New and Delicious Pillsbury Melts Cookies #PillsburyMelts

The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op

What a better way for the kids to arrive home from a long day at school by being served warm cookie melts! Pillsbury's new Melt Cookies are delicious and come in flavors the entire family will love. It is a good thing I have self control because I have a batch waiting for the boys right now while they finish their school day and I have had only had one and want them all!

Here are the Pillsbury Melts Molten Fudge Cake filled cookies. Try not to drool....

Pillsbury Melt Cookies are located in your grocers refrigerated cookie section. They come in 2 flavors-the Molten Fudge as shown above and S'mores. They are little bit of heaven wrapped in a cookie. They are so easy to make-put pre-portioned dough on cookie sheet, bake, drizzle and eat!

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

Thirty48 Running Series Socks with Coolmax fabric #thirty48

This is a promotional post for thirty48

If you are on your feet for fitness, there is nothing worse than socks that works against you. Socks are the only barrier between your foot and the shoe you stand in for protection. Having a standard sock means having to stop to pull it out of your shoe as it slips and we have all experienced that huge inconvenience. Thirty48 knows feet and knows that with the right features, your sock can actually work for you.

The Ru series refers to their running socks. The socks carry many features right down to the 'What's right is right' fit-this means there is a sock for the right foot and a sock for the left foot. Look inside and it will tell you. This is so the sock mimics the curves of each foot for your comfort. The first thing I noticed was the padded instep. See those grey and orange diamonds in the photo above? That is added padding in the pressure spots that occur when you tie your laces. There is also a little extra padding in the heel. The coolmax fabric wicks moisture away so you feel cool and dry. The CatalystAF is a patent-pending design that assist with airflow so your foot can breathe. The elastic arch support works to lessen friction so your plantar arch is supported.

Thirty48 thought of everything when they make their socks. If you buy for multiple people in your household, just check the squares inside the cuff. The number of squares you see denotes the sock size. Even the heel tab is curled for an easy on and off. Your run will be taken to a whole new comfort level with thirty48 and the price is very comparable to similar socks that do not contain as many features.

Disclsoure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.