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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hands-free traveling and shopping with the Hip Hugger belt

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Honestly, do you really love toting your purse around? I hate it! I have been known to accidentally leave home with my debit card in a pair of pants on my bedroom floor because I pocket what I need if there is no reason to carry my entire purse. We travel a lot and one place my husband and I get away to twice a year is Las Vegas. Have you ever carried a purse an entire day on the strip? It is not fun! We just got back from a Vegas jaunt this past weekend and I will never travel without my Hip Hugger! It was attached to me everywhere I went and I even had a few comments and admirers as they watched me pull my phone and cash from my stylish Hip Hugger. 

I am wearing the Reversible 4-pocket Licorice Hip Hugger. It adjusts to fit with very durable snaps. The attached pocket (which you can detach if you want) has a small insert and a larger pocket for a cell phone. Within the belt are 2 hidden pockets-one that zips and another that is velcro. I was able to carry around my cell phone, cards and cash, lipstick, foundation stick, room key and even our show tickets all in my hip hugger belt! I love all the patterns to choose from. It is like the fanny pack revolutionized (and a lot more attractive)!

The Hip Hugger is such an incredible gift idea! I cannot think of any woman who would not love to have this for their wardrobe and I will be sporting this again on Black Friday because the last thing I need is to carry my heavy purse with everything else that day!

Learn more and see all of the patterns and sizes for yourself: 

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Adding Be Bright Superfood Oil to your recipes

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We all know the amazing benefits superfood oils have on our bodies. These oils are excellent antioxidants, sources of energy and boost our metabolism. Some examples of superfood oils are avocado oil  as an antioxidant and a source of vitamin E, coconut oil for energy and our metabolism, chia seed oil as another antioxidant, hemp seed oil for Omega's and energy and black cumin oil for detoxification and an antioxidant. Before, you go making your list and trying to figure out how you can consume all these, Coromega has them all loaded into one refrigerated pouch called be bright and you can simply add some to your smoothies or recipes for the added nutrients!

You can even just eat it off a spoon, it tastes that good! You first smell and taste the coconut and then a bit of the other flavors. The aftertaste is good and it would be excellent in a smoothie or some yogurt if you are not a fan of that coconut taste. I love it plain! 

be bright is Non-GMO, dairy and gluten free as well as vegan. It is an all-natural boost of nutrition your body needs for so many reasons! Add be bright to your smoothies and meals or simply have your morning dose right from the pouch!

You can find Coromega products like be bright at Super Supplements and Bartell drugs as well as other drug stores near you. To find out who carries be bright near you, visit

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Dreft safe baby products offer on-the-go stain removers

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We all have the memories of our children as infants and the stains they produce. If veteran mom's can give any new mom advise, it would probably involve tips of preventing or cleaning up the messes and spills babies and the products they use create! The spit-ups, leaky formula, diapers that didn't hold, baby food drool are all examples of stains that can occur on baby's cloths, car seat, stroller and even on Mom or Dad! Dreft understands this and now has on-the-go stain treatment for you to carry!

The Dreft To-Go Instant Stain Remover is a pen you carry with you. At the first sight of a stain or mess, simply grab your stick and pretreat it using the scrubber end. It works for baby foods, milk, diaper messes and spit up stains. Like all Dreft products, the stain remover pen is safe for all colorfast fabrics and will work at any temperature. Dreft takes pride in providing safe, flame-resistant stain fighters and detergents you can use on all of your baby clothing and fabrics. I even use it as a gentle stain-treater for my 6 year old. At any age, I only want safe and gentle products to be used with my boys!

Dreft products make fun gift baskets for new Moms as a holiday idea!. Grab some Dreft products, bibs, cloth diapers and give Mom the products she'll love and need!

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Songs about life from Mary J Blige's new album #TheLondonSessions

I participated in the Mary J Blige The London Sessions album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own #O2O

The London Sessions
by: Mary J Blige
Release Date: 12/2/14

Mary J Blige is known for her voice and songs about life. My personal life has involved domestic abuse, escaping a violent man, dating, marriage, friends who stayed, friends who burnt bridges and parenting. When I listen to music, I want it to tell a story I relate to. I don't just listen to the melody, but the words. At this happy and joyous phase in my life, I love the positive messages and songs that speak about triumph and overcoming fears or obstacles. Even though I live a happy and healthy life right now, I will also hold onto those songs of struggle. When you find a song that relates to you, wether it was the past or present you, it grabs you. To hear your story, your struggles and your triumphs in a song allows you to reconnect with your soul and when you put a voice like Mary J Blige behind the words, you get to hear the emotions and mood that you feel as you sing the words. A song that speaks to you is food for the soul-it re-tells stories. 


Iconic. London sounds. Popular Artists. Soul. Original. Honesty. A voice for our generation. Evolution. Refreshing. 

London Sessions brings Mary's voice and soul to London. This album includes her music shared with popular Artists such as Disclosure, Sam Smith (a favorite of mine as well), Jimmy Napes, Naughty Boy and more! This will be the album to talk about!

My Thoughts

Must I choose a favorite song? OK! Actually, it was easier than I though when I heard the words of Whole Damn Year. 10 years ago I met my husband after spending 6 years in a very violent relationship I had to escape from. This song reminded me of the black cloud that hung over my husbands and I relationship and eventually marriage. My husband is a 13 out of 10 in the way of best husband's ever, but this black cloud was my wall! I built such an emotional wall to keep away the demons of my past without even realizing it until it broke me a few years ago. That was the wrong way to heal and although trust slowly came back, my husband had the strength of steel trying to pry his way to me emotionally in the very beginning and then again as the stress built too high and my wall came tumbling down leaving me in depression and withdrawn-PTSD. It was a long 6 years for me as a victim and a Whole Damn (years) to repair. That is what this song is about and it is a new favorite of mine! 

Like Whole Damn Year-words heal and they connect people. The way I finally healed from my past was to write my book about being a survivor and life after Domestic Violence. It is songs like Mary J Blige and the soul that grabs you in the voice that makes the words so energetic. Words heal-they healed me by writing and they soothe me in music.

Mary J Blige will speak to you in a way that is unlike what she has produced before. Her voice, other artists voices and an iconic album!

Pre-order now! The album is live 12/2/14

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eyn Phone Cases have everything you need

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When your hands are full and that purse is too much to carry all day, eyn cases are the perfect solution! i am heading to Las Vegas next week and I hate carrying my purse all day. It will be so nice to have this case with my ID, cards and cash. My shoulders will thank me! The strap is durable and it can hang on my wrist easily and stay secure. 

Features of the eyn phone case
  • Hidden storage on phone back
  • Holds cash, credit cards, ID, Keys, tickets and more
  • Mirror inside case for the touch ups
  • Secure strap so it stays attached to you
  • Kickstand for watching videos and hands free viewing
  • Form fit protects screen
  • Easy access to all phone butttons
  • Fun colors and designs
  • iPhone 4/4S, 5/5s/5c & Samsung Galaxy S4

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The Tooth Fairy Kit from Baby Tooth Album #HolidayGiftGuide

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It took less than 2 weeks for my son to loose his first 2 teeth. He lost one bottom, front tooth and the one beside it fell out not long after! The most exciting part was his much anticipated Tooth Fairy visit. We grabbed our Complete Tooth Fairy Kit from Baby Tooth Album. It has fun Tooth Fairy visit items for your child and a keepsake book for Mom and dad! 

The Complete Tooth Fairy Kit contains
  • Hand Crafted Baby Tooth Keepsake Box
  • Baby Tooth Pouch 
  • Tooth Fairy Door Hanger
  • Tooth Fairy Stationery
  • Baby Tooth Chart

This kit is beyond adorable! You can purchase the Complete Tooth Fairy Kit or the keepsake books only. This makes such a great Holiday kit for the one's on track to loose those teeth soon. My son wrote the Tooth Fairy a note on the provided stationary, put the tooth in the pouch and hung the door sign! The Tooth Fairy took the tooth and left the bag so he can use it again. The tooth is in my keepsake box I keep in my drawer and away from him for now. It is so much fun and every piece is great quality!

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Rohto Cool Max for the stocking #HolidayGiftGuide

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There is so much cooling power in this small bottle of eye drops. As you put together your shopping lists, perhaps one of the hardest items to shop for if you do stockings for adults are stocking stuffers. I have an adult son and my husband and I do stocking stuffers for each other and I struggle with stocking stuffer ideas because I want to be creative. I begin to run out of ideas as the years pass.

I wear contacts and when you need eye drops suddenly for any reason, to not have any on hand is not pleasant. I have always picked up eye drops that are standard and on sale. I figured an eye drop is an eye drop; that is until I tried the Rohto Cool Max eye drops. Just one drop gives your red and itchy eyes this amazing cooling sensation as well as relief. It is sort of like the sensation your throat gets when menthol drops hit it when you suffer from a sore throat. I know know an eye drop is not just an eye drop with Rohto.

I love the size of this bottle and you get a relief that lasts up to 8 hours. Rohto has a full line of eye drops depending on your relief needs. 

Rohto Redness Relief comes in 3 varieties: Rhoto Cool, Rohto Cool Max and Rohto Arctic. You get fast & soothing that lasts up to 8 hours, redness relief and it refreshes and moisturizes your eyes. Look for the green, red and blue Cool bottles.

Rohto Ice is for Multi-symptom relief. It will sooth itching and burning eyes, hydrate dry eyes, sooth redness and also refreshes and soothes up to 8 hours. Look for the blue bottle.

Rohto Hydra is for dry eyes. They mimic natural tears, restore moisture and relieves irritated eyes. Your dry and tired eyes will be soothed for up to 8 hours. Look for the white bottle.

Rohto Relief is for itchy eyes. It will sooth itching and burning, relieve redness and refresh and moisturize your eyes. Look for the orange bottle.

Remember Rohto eye drops for your loved one this holiday season. They will be glad they have that fast relief when needed. 

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