Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Renpure Hair Care Products

I was sent samples for feature

Renpure is offering your hair the pure nutrients it craves. I have tried several great hair products and this is a great time of the year to try another new brand. I have the Renpure Coconut Cream collection and it is doing my hair such great favors in the hot weather. There is nothing more nutritious and that smells great too than coconut treatment on my skin and hair. 

Renpure is a family-owned business and they take pride in making sure their ingredients are properly sourced, ethically produced and follow the latest hair care trends for the purest, effective ingredients. Renpure has a few lines of hair care sets so you are sure to find the perfect match for you. Here are the Renpure products:
  • The Originals-just as the name states these are the original products. Find Coconut Cream, Argan Oil, Biotin & Collagen, Brazilian Keratin
  • Advanced Line- sulfate-free clear shampoos with exotic fragrances. Find Bamboo Coconut Water, Moroccan Spring Water and Vitamin C & Omega 3
  • Solutions- cleansing conditioners that work just like the high quality brands without that high price. Find Vanilla Mint, Lavender, Rosemary Mint and Pomegranate.
  • Black Label Coconut-infused with a multitude of coconut oils for optimum hydration and shine

I love the scent and effectiveness of my Coconut Cream set. I have the nourishing shampoo and conditioner, Coconut water mist and Leave-in treatment. It is designed to preserve my hair's natural oils and nutrients without the daily frizz. It hydrates like a champ. 

Find the product line right for you with real and pure ingredients at http://www.renpure.com/. You can also find Renpure products at retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, ULTA, CVS and Walgreens 

Monday, June 27, 2016

DIY Racetrack and Advil Film-Coated for summer relief

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RaceDayRelief #CollectiveBias

It's summer and with that means the kids are home...all day. With trip planning, bored kids, extra laundry, snack wrappers everywhere and hot days sometimes it is necessary to push the kids outside. In our home we have video game and TV time limits and typically I have no problem getting my son outside, but the neighbor kids aren't always home so when he is by himself he is not inspired to go outside. For me, the heat causes headaches and fatigue and when I need fast pain relief help, Advil Film-Coated and quiet time is my go-to remedy. 

When my son is inside and bored he gets very needy. "Can you play a game with me?"... "Mom, I'm bored"..."Mom, what can I do?" He doesn't stop and when I am having those heat headaches I just need him outside and entertained for a bit. So we put together a DIY racetrack and ramp for his remote control cars and planes. It is such a great activity for an only child when there is no one available for a play date.

The best part of these summer, heat-induced headaches of mine is fast acting Advil Film-Coated leverages the rapid absorption properties of ibuprofen sodium, now available for the first time in the US." *Among OTC pain relievers. This means that I can use fast acting Advil Film-Coated for headaches, muscle aches, toothaches, menstrual cramps, back pain, and aches and pains associated with the common cold.

I can find Advil Film-Coated at my local Walmart along with some fun craft supplies to make my son's car ramp and track pop. I hand him a bag of sidewalk chalk, flags, fun duct tape, rocks and other items I find that are track-worthy and hand it to him along with his remote control cars and helicopter. He will stay on that sidewalk making simple or sometimes elaborate tracks and jumps for a long time.

The only real prep involved is building a ramp that can be used over and over again. When my son is done playing he puts the ramp and bag of supplies on the garage shelf for next use. 

Building the ramp 

This is so easy you could probably just figure it out with my photos and it took me under 15 minutes. I took an empty cereal box and lined the top and sides with different duct tape. For his current ramp he liked the flag theme. I then just shoved 2 empty water bottles into the box so it doesn't collapse when his car drives over it. This is the top of the ramp and is also used for his landing pad when he flies his helicopter so that is why we made a hole and inserted a small flag at the top corner. 

For the actual ramp, find a sturdy cardboard piece and give it the width you want. Because he is learning to drive these cars I made his ramp pretty wide so it is not so challenging to get the car lined up and across the ramp. I also wrapped it in the duct tape and used a single tape piece on the top of the ramp edge to the box edge to connect the ramp to the base.

Gathering Track Supplies

Now all you need is a bag or bin to keep the supplies they can use to personalize the space around the ramp. I keep chalk, more tape, flags and even large rocks. My son grabbed a box and used it for his car to crash into after the ramp jump. If you put it in the bag, they will get creative and find a use for it. The best part about providing them the materials to do as they wish is that you can change it out at times so it keeps them interested and they look forward to seeing what's new in the bin to build into their track. I even handed him a battery-run string of Christmas lights one night and he made a helicopter landing pad with them. 

Headaches? Not to worry because Advil Film-Coated has your fast pain-relief covered and your box of race track supplies will take care of the kids. Bring on that summer heat and enjoy this season. Just make sure you have Advil Film-Coated on hand.*Among OTC pain relievers 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Spa Towels & Wood Tray Set: 6 pack Pure White 100% Cotton Washcloths (Bamboo Wood)

I was sent this set at discount for my honest review and i love the tough it rings to my bathroom. My downstairs bathroom gets a lot of daily use and when we have guests it is the main bathroom for them. Keeping 1 towel on a ring with a house of boys is impossible so having a tray with multiple washcloths is great for guests. It is a great quality tray and the towels are so white and bright and are a great quality. They dry well if using for hands after washing. Adds a pleasant touch to the bathroom.

Target College Bound Must-Haves for the Dorm

In under 2 months they will be off, on their own living the College life. Right now it's just the beginning of opening up our wallets to assist them in this journey. target has always had great brands and good prices. They are definitely a store you'll want to browse as you shop for the dorm essentials.

Here are some picks I decided on when it comes to our own son as he heads off this fall to college...

Large Milk Crate Wire Storage Bin - Antique Pewter with Copper Handle - Threshold™ 

-Storage is very limited in the rooms, so having this basket that you can see through keeps papers and items in one place and can easily be retrieved.

Room Essentials™ Round Cereal Bowl & Dinner Plate

Simply because they need to eat, but they are only 1 so picking up one or two sets means they learn to wash those dishes often before next meal or snack.

Sheet Set Microfiber with Storage Pocket - Room Essentials™

Remember that those dorm room beds are a Twin XL size meaning they are longer than a standard twin. Make sure you check for this size bedding.

Cantilever Floor Lamp Brass - Threshold™

With limited room space, this slim floor lamp fits into any space for extra lighting.

6 Homeschool Curriculum Supplements

In my home summer is not without continued learning. My son has 2 books he learns in at home for the next grade level-Math and an all subject book. Having supplements at home is a great way to show your child you are involved with them on a successful school year and is a great way to take them away from electronics and TV for some of that structured learning time they were used to the 180 school days last year.

Homeschoolers, these are great for you too. To supplement learning in fun ways keeps them engaged.

In the spirit of rounding out the year's learning, I've rounded up 6 Super Supplements for your homeschool curriculum that are worth your time!

1. Times Tales

times tables 2
Times Tales helps kids get the upper hand on upper times tables. It's a fun, music-filled video that uses stories and mnemonic learning so little learners can't help but learn their upper times tables. It's been hailed by plenty of other bloggers and I can't say enough good. It's available in a DVD format but you can get started right away with the downloadable version. This is the same company who created Zone Cleaning for Kids. Needless to say, they're great!
Price: $14.95 (save $7)


2. Mona MELisa Peel, Play & Learn

mona-melisa-designs_2016solarsystemlifestyle_39ef 2
Make learning stick with stickers! The Mona MELisa sets have BPA-free washable, reusable wall stickers that your kids will move with and learn from. For kinesthetic and visual learners, these are tops. I really like the Mini Solar System set to get started since it's portable, and you can look at the solar system in the summer sky and use what you've learned during the day together. The small set makes it perfect for summer mobility, whether you're headed to grandma's or on a road trip.
Price: $14.99 (save $7)


3. Petra Lingua Online Spanish Course for Kids

petra 2
If you're looking to expand your kiddo's linguistic horizons, I really encourage you to try the Online Course by PetraLingua. I like Spanish not only because there are so many countries that speak it, but also because it's an approachable first foreign language. This course has interactive exercises, songs, videos and more, making learning a new language less intimidating, and way more fun. Si!
Price: $35.99 (save $12)


4. The Big Book of History

big book histo 2
Did you know that modern robotics had its roots in the tea dolls of Japan? I had no idea, but this 15-foot Big Book of History showed me and my kiddos where it took place in our human timeline! I love that it's visual, and the time is illustrated with space. Kids will get excited about learning how Christian history and world history fold together and putting it all up on the wall!
Price: $14.99 (Save $5)


5. The Big Book of the Earth & Sky

Big book earth sky 2
I just love these big books! The Earth & Sky edition helps kids to discover the wonders of our earth from the elements to the earth's layers and everything in between. The 15-foot book makes an impression, and you can easily dovetail walks outside or gardening to these larger concepts. Again, a great book in the summer when the kiddos are out in the yard a bit more often!
Price: $14.99 (Save $5)


6. Artists of the World Home Enrichment Kit

artists of the world 2
What's a well-rounded round up without some arts for the science?! This kit brings fun and games to learning about the old master painters and impressionists. It comes with puzzles, games, all the tools you need for an interactive approach to learning about fine art. Your little one will be able to tell a Monet from a Van Gogh, and it may spark a lifelong appreciation of art, and curiosity in the history and science of art! Color me happy. :)
Price: $29.99 (save $14)


Friday, June 24, 2016

Sweet & Saucy Chicken Sausage Sliders with al fresco and Sweepstakes

I was sent sample for feature

One of my family's favorite quick meals are sliders. The best part about baking a pan of sliders is that the creativity is yours and you can add your own twist to the recipe. I have made sliders because I am out of buns and at time have made sliders because I have extra meat and veggies to use up from previous meals in the week. 

I made my last batch of sliders using al fresco Sweet & Smoky Chicken Sausage because I wanted the full meat flavor under the marinara and cheeses. The flavors in the Sweet & Smokey variety has just a small kick from the chili peppers added, but not too much heat it can't be worked into any recipe.

I order my bulk meats from a local farm off the truck and for charcuterie and sausages I only buy all natural which is why I love using the al fresco brand. The sausage comes already cooked and you just have to heat it up a bit. The sausage is made with lean, skinless chicken meat and has 70% less fat and 30% less sodium than pork sausage. These are also gluten free.

Sweet & Saucy Chicken Sausage Sliders 

  • 1 package of al fresco Sweet & Smoky Chicken Sausage
  • 1 package of 12pk dinner rolls, cut down the center to make a top and bottom half
  • 1 jar of marinara sauce
  • 1 c mozzarella cheese
  • 6 slices pre-cooked bacon ( I used precooked al fresco Uncured Chicken Bacon)
  • 2tbsp melted butter
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 tbsp grated parmesan 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Slice sausages and saute about 3-4 minutes over med-high heat. Meanwhile warm your bacon slices in microwave about 45 seconds. Pour 3/4 of marinara sauce into pan with sausage and heat through 1-2 minutes. Take your bottom half of dinner rolls and spread with some marinara sauce reserve. Add the sausage/marinara mixture, add bacon slices and top with mozzarella cheese. Re-place top half of rolls. In a separate bowl combine your melted butter, garlic powder and parmesan and brush over top of rolls. Place in oven and bake 10-12 minutes.

Want more recipes using al fresco sausages? Not only can you view some more delicious recipes, you can vote on them and win!


Head over to the al fresco recipe contest page and vote for your favorite recipe. Your vote is your entry into the sweepstakes. You can vote between now until 8/1/16. There are 2 prizes: Grand prize winner gets $500, a new grill and a years worth of al fresco products (16 VIP coupons). Runner up gets a year of al fresco products (16 VIP coupons).

Head over now and vote to be entered--> ENTER HERE


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of al fresco. The opinions and text are all mine.

Les Trois Petits Cochions pates and charcuterie

I was sent samples for feature

With a house of boys, I find that the most popular gifts to give as they turn into men are food products. I started a tradition years ago that on the boys birthday as they became teenagers I would fill a box full of their favorite foods and snacks- jerky's, meats, crackers, candy, cans of drinks, gum, etc... Food and especially meats are one of man's best friends and when you find a company like Trois Petits Cochons who continues a long tradition of providing authentic and quality charcuterie and gift sets then you seek out the unique products when it comes to entertaining and gifting.

It has been 40 years since this brand started creating small and handmade batches of charcuterie and pates using high-quality ingredients. Today they offer mousse, pates, charcuterie, terrines, sausage, smoked meats and more. They are naturally cured and ready to ship or gift. Let's introduce you to some products I was sent.

Wild Boar, Pork, Chicken Pate with Chestnuts & Raisins

With this pate you want to take it from its gelatin tray and really pat it dry. Then you slice it and there is enough flavor to serve sliced on a meat tray by itself or include it with a veggie paste on a cracker for a delicious treat. It slices very nice and you can see the ingredients so it looks great at a food table while entertaining. Pair this pate with a nice red wine.

Mousse Truffee 

This mousse is made with pork and chicken liver mousse with truffles. You simply peel off the plastic from tray and enjoy. I would transfer this to a glass bowl with some crispy baguette slices nearby. I would also keep a bottle of crips, sparkling wine or cider available to pair with this.

Terrine Des Trois Rois

This terrine is pretty in it's 3 layers kept right in it's own container. The 3 layers consist of armagnac marinated prunes and chicken and duck foie gras (which is like a liver paste). Rich in flavor and spreadable on just about anything. If all you have is a bag or fresh tortilla chips-that will work with this. It is a versatile spread in my opinion. It is pork and gluten free.


These baby sour gherkins are great right out of the jar or set in a glass dish for serving tables. They are french spiced and pickled in vinegar. I can see these at the Christmas or easter ham dinner table.

Chicken Sausage with Spinach & Gruyere Cheese

My favorite of them all. Grilling these is so delicious! Add some sauteed onions to your bun and dijon mustard more than a meal, but rather an experience. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives and it is pork free.

Duck Leg Confit

Enjoy this all natural treat without the preservatives or artificial ingredients found in many packaged meats.

Find these selections and more at http://3pigs.com/

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