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Sunday, July 5, 2015

KIdzBop 29 is here

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Introducing KidzBop 29
Release Date: July 10, 2015

Are you ready? KidzBop 29 is almost here! If you have not pre-ordered yet for the July 10, 2015 release, head over to and you can get 2 CD's for the price of 1!

My son is a huge fan and we already own Kidz Bop 25, 26, 27, 28, Party Bop and Christmas Wish List and we now added KidzBop 29 to our collection! We also have a few albums downloaded onto his tablet's music playlist. We were huge Paul Walker fans and the Fast & Furious 7 was special to us. My son was so excited to see GDFR on this album!

Allergy Season Throat Relief with Go Gargle and $20 CVS Gift Card Giveaway

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Of the 5 of us in my family, we all suffer from seasonal allergies to some extent. The older 2 boys will get irritated throats and sometimes the congestion and watery eyes become a problem. My husband, youngest son and self suffer the worst. We get nasal congestion-even sinus infections-and that always comes with an irritated throat. Typically, it starts with the sore throat and that is how we know the other symptoms are coming from runny noses to feeling lethargic.

Growing up, I was always handed warm salt water to gargle for my throat as we all have heard of this remedy and it actually was very effective, but like my son I hated the aftertaste. The weather in Wa. State has been very abnormal and the allergy season this year was worse than ever. It is predicted to stay this way perhaps over another year. I need better options to stay ahead of the discomfort and GoGargle is something I just tried and will now keep on hand at all times!

GoGargle is available at CVS and other retailers and with added mint, honey, aloe and chamomile the taste is so much better than just plain salt! Not only does the added natural ingredients give GoGargle a better taste than standard salt water, it adds soothing properties that are so effective. 

I woke up the other morning in an 80 degree heat wave with a sore throat and watery eyes because that's just the way this allergy season is going-odd and random! I remembered I had GoGargle and that was my chance to put it to the test. It is so effective I wonder where this has been my whole life. I even turned to my husband and said that I think I need to become an ambassador for GoGargle because nothing I have ever tried brought relief so fast and pleasant that did not require having to digest medication and other ingredients I do not want. I also love CVS, so I can get it while there shopping.

Learn more:


1 lucky reader will win a $20 CVS Gift Card and GoGargle! Enter below-open to US. Ends 6/19.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Jurassic World Mania in our home

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Have you seen the movie of the summer-Jurassic World? My son has seen it twice and all he can talk about is wanting to see it again and waiting for it to come out to buy! Last year we started a tradition of showing him old movies we used to watch when younger. This has been such a great experience. Many of these movies can be found in the $5 bins at retailers and he has come to gain an appreciation for some classic titles. He loves The Goonies, Little Rascals, Original Annie and Indiana Jones. So as the release of Jurassic World came near I decided to try the original 3 Jurassic Park movies wondering if they were not too scary for him. After watching Jurassic Park, he was hooked! I rented Jurassic Park-Lost World a few weeks later and then he had a birthday and took his own money to buy the trilogy. By the time Jurassic World came to theaters he was so excited for it!

He did well with the movie-was not scared and my husband took him while I was out of state at a conference. My husband is a huge critic of movies-hard to find one he says is great. He told me I had to take our son one afternoon again-that it was the best movie he had seen in years. So, one afternoon while my husband worked, I took my son to a matinee and he saw it again!

He is now addicted to all things Jurassic World. Not only did he spend birthday money on the Jurassic Park Trilogy, he bought Jurassic Park Legos, dog tags and stickers.

I was also alerted to the costume site, Wonder Costumes where they have an Owen costume he wants! I googled a few other costume sites and this site has a great selection and the prices are right on too! He already knows he wants to be Owen for Halloween so this is why I am searching so I can wait for promo codes and deals as it gets closer. I thought I'd share this site with you because Jurassic World is all the rage this year and when I see something that excites my son so much like the Jurassic Park costumes for Halloween-his favorite holiday-I like to share with you. 

Here are a few costumes at Wonder Costume. If you have a Jurassic World fan, they will love these!

Do you have a Jurassic fan at home? Will they likely shop Jurassic costumes and toys for upcoming holidays? Have you found fun merchandise online with the Jurassic World theme?

Stay hydrated this summer with Cascade Ice

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

We have been sitting in an uncommon drought and weeks of high temperatures here in Wa. State. We are used to a few hot stretches and typically get about 23 days above 80 a summer. I don't know the exact counted, but last week we were at 10 days so far and it has not climbed out of the 80's or near since last check. My 7 year old and I have had headaches and I know it is because we forget to stay as hydrated as we should. I have had to instill water and healthy liquids into our daily routine-packing some for errands to keep our bodies able to handle these long heat stretches we just are not used to. 

The problem with staying hydrated is my youngest and myself do not like the taste or water. My husband and 2 older boys can drink water all day, but I feel I am forcing it in me. I like flavors, but many have added sugars and calories that are not doing my body favors in this heat. Cascade Ice has been our go-to in between water bottles. My son loves the lemonade flavors and I love the ingredients.

Cascade Ice has 3 lemonade flavors we keep on hand-Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade. They are naturally flavored and have 0 calories, sugar and sodium. They are also caffeine and gluten-free. It is a naturally flavored sparkling water. It quenches our thirst when we just don't have it in us to stomach any more water!

I can almost always find them on sale at $1 a bottle so they are very affordable. Including these refreshing lemonade flavors, Cascade Ice has 3 types of beverage-Sparkling Water Varieties and Organic Varieties-with 31 flavor combinations. Not only can you enjoy Cascade Ice from the bottle or in a glass of ice, you can have fun with recipes like these:

You will find recipes such as this.... 

Find Cascade Ice in grocers near you and stay hydrated this summer!

Back to School with Allergy-Free Plentils Snacks

This is a promotional post for Enjoy Life. Opinions are my own

As we begin to get ready for back to school again next month, we go back to the routine of stocking the pantry for school lunches. My boys rarely buy, they prefer home lunches so I know the routing all too well with keeping fun and rotating foods so they don't get bored of the same foods and not eat. I know many families who make lunches because they have to due to gluten or food allergies. Plentils is a delicious snack my boys love and they are great for allergy-free and gluten-free diets.

Plentils is a product of Enjoy Life Foods who work hard to bring snacks, cereals and baked goods to homes that can be enjoyed by everyone no matter their sensitivities. Most diets can tolerate these foods and Plentils are our favorite snacks.

Plentils are made with plant-based protein-filled lentils with 40% less fat than traditional chips. Plentils are allergy-friendly and free from wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish. They are Certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Project Verified and made with high-quality ingredients.

Plentils comes in 4 flavors: Light sea Salt, Dill & Sour Cream, Garlic & Parmesan and Margherita Pizza. You can find these at many grocers and you can check their store locator for a specific location or buy online at

What flavor would you try first?

Friday, July 3, 2015

KEEPTIGHT IronFleece Performance Hoodie

This is a promotional post for KEEPTIGHT. Opinions are my own

Call me picky, but I actually have a petpieve when it comes to fitness clothing and that is when the clothing shifts. Whether it is a shirt that is shorter in the back and shows when I move or bend or a jacket that rides up when it is zipped- it will highly irritate me. The thing is, it is hard to find clothing made with the right quality to avoid those annoying occurrences. So when I was asked to try a new line from KEEPTIGHT called the IronFleece Performance Hoodie that stays in place I thought that finally someone else gets it! I was more than happy to try the hoodie and it is now my favorite! I may need to get the other color as I will wear this one out. Before I did anything, I hopped on Amazon to give them a review as I do right away when I love something so much!

I cannot let you feel the thick, soft quality about this jacket through photos, but it is there, I promise! When it arrived, I took it out of the box and was standing there inspecting it when my husband walked by-he stopped a second and said "That is a really nice jacket! Looks like great quality"! This is coming from a husband who is happy in a plain $4 tee on sale. It actually speaks volumes coming from him on a women's jacket.

The stitching and material is great quality with no flaws and it stays in place! I can run in this and go anywhere without tugging it back in place near my waist. I ordered my typical size of Medium and am vary happy with this fit. I even have room to layer underneath as I did in the photo below to show how a true size fits with this jacket.

Features of the KEEPTIGHT IronFleece Performance Hoodie
  • 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane
  • Sleeve thumb-holes
  • Custom IronFleece fabric for power and endurance
  • Contrasting angled seams provide maximum range of motion
  • Internal headphone grommets
  • Ideal for layering
You can get your KEEPTIGHT IronFleece Performance Hoodie at KEEPTIGHT or on Amazon where it ships free!

Yoplait Yogurt is not just for breakfast

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Yoplait®. The opinions and text are all mine.

We have 3 boys ages 7, 17 and 23. The oldest does not live at home but the younger two do. If having a 7 year old who is 'starved' every hour all day isn't bad enough on the summer and school break food budget, so is a teenage boy! My food bill is drastically higher when they are home all day and I needed to find simple ways to cut costs when school is out.

One way I cut my cost in a huge way is that I will cook larger dinners to guarantee leftovers. It is cost effective to plan a larger meal than make two separate meals. The leftovers are tomorrows lunch. While they may be eating leftover pizza or pasta or BBQ meats, I cannot preserve the veggies as well. So, I always keep fresh cut up melon because it will last a while and Yoplait yogurt on hand as they typically cost under 50 cents a container and even less with the coupons always available. If you shop at Walmart, you know you are getting a low cost! Not only does eating leftovers save me the cost of an entire second meal to come up with at lunchtime, it is quick and easy as the days seem to be packed with activities in the summer. 

I have come to use yogurt in so many ways that in my home, Yoplait is not just for breakfast! They are a lunchtime staple, a quick snack and even an ingredient in recipes such as my Brownie Yogurt Glaze

Keeping several go-to snacks like yogurt and fresh cut fruit is so handy and the boys love them. They all have their own tastes and flavors they like and Yoplait has one of the widest flavor varieties. My husband always has a yogurt and granola bar for breakfast every morning and it was because of always having it in the fridge, I would grab it for recipes and snack time. Now I am addicted to having it on hand because the price is so low and it beats them grabbing cookies or unhealthy snacks. 

The next time you are at Walmart, grab some Yoplait yogurt and make sure you search for coupons that are out there to save even more. If you can make extra dinner, it covers lunch the next day and you will see how that saves a ton on the summer food budget!

How do you save on your food bill when the kids are out of school?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Yoplait®. The opinions and text are all mine.