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Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Christmas Story Monopoly & Yahtzee Games Giveaway Ends 1/3

Welcome to the Christmas Story Monopoly & Yahtzee Game Giveaway

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Here we have it folks, you have a chance to win both the "A Christmas Story" Monopoly and Yahtzee Games in one Giveaway. One winner will win both. Curious on how they look and want to know more information? Check out the full review done here, from the fantastic website A Medic's World.

A handful of bloggers and A Medic's World is bringing this to you, and you have a chance to win. Thanks for stopping by, good luck, and have a great day.

Open to US residents only, 18 years of age or older. Winner will have 48 hours from winning email to respond, or a new winner will be selected. Participating Blogs were not compensated for this post, nor are responsible for prize delivery. USAopoly will deliver prizes. One entry per household.


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Friday, December 19, 2014

Guess Who Zoo: New Release Children's Book

This is a promotional post for Guess Who book series. All opinions are 100% my own

Guess Who: Zoo
by Howard Eisenberg
Release date: Feb 3, 2014

With my 6 year old, I have always been partial to poetry books. As long as there is rhyming and rhythm, those are my favorite children books to read. If the rhyming can become an adventure or even a game, the book becomes that much more engaging for him. One of the first fundamentals to teaching a child to read is to practice and know rhyming words. It becomes fun for them to hear them in a story such as in the Guess Who series of books written by Howard Eisenberg.

Howard is the father of Heidi Murkoff as you may recognize as one of the Authors of What To Expect When You're Expecting. His late wife, Arlene also co-wrote that book with Heidi. Arlene loved poetry and would read it to her children and grandchildren and so the Guess Who series of children's rhyming books were written by Howard and dedicated to Arlene.

In the new addition to the Guess Who Series, Howard takes us to the zoo. Guess Who: The Zoo has more fun rhymes that will have your child proudly guessing who the animal is that the rhyme is describing. The photos above show a fun guessing game about a giraffe that is within this book. Your child will know if they are right or wrong when they turn the page. There is a little hint with the rhymes as a close up feature of that animal is displayed with the text on that page. See the giraffe neck in the guessing text?

The illustrations are fun and I highly encourage you purchase Guess Who: Neighborhood and Guess Who: Farm at the same time because your child will want more as they finish the book if they are at all like my son. 

Get your Guess Who books at
You can also purchase the Guess Who ebooks on Amazon

Tandoor Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan

This is a promotional post for Tandoor Chef. All opinions are 100% my own

Some days are just so hectic, I do not have the time to make home cooked meals for everyone. On weekdays, I drive in and out of my driveway so many times between school, work and sports for my youngest and I need quick meals. However, I am a label reader and it can be hard to find frozen meals made without artificial ingredients and unhealthy preservatives. This is why I like having meals on hand like Tandoor Chef. The funny thing is that I was sent product coupons to try Tandoor Chef foods and share them with all of you and I already had Tandoor Chef meals in my freezer because I had discovered them already and love them!

These are my 2 favorites I buy of the Tandoor Chef line. The Naan bread comes with 3 breads, so I can heat one up at a time with each meal. One box makes 3 servings of Naan. The Chicken Tikka Masala is so delicious and filling.

Tandoor Chicken Tikka Masala

Boneless chicken breast that is marinated, roasted then simmered in a creamy sauce. Gluten-free and microwaveable. 

Tandoori Naan

Delicious authentic Indian bread that is hand-stretched and baked in a Tandoor oven. Just 1 Min and 10 seconds in a 400 degree oven is all it takes to enjoy this naan. All-natural and Vegetarian.
Wheat Flour, Water, Milk, Yogurt (Whole Milk, Active Culture), Sunflower Oil, Salt.

You can find many Tandoor Chef products in retailers near you and on Amazon. Many of the meals are vegetarian and gluten-free. All are made with great all-natural flavors and ingredients.

The benefits of oil pulling with GuruNanda

This is a promotional post for GuruNada. I was provided samples. All opinions are 100% my own

When you see detox products advertised, do you feel interested but have no idea the concept behind the purpose of detoxing? Do you link detoxing to weight loss tactics only? Detoxification has so many benefits, it is hard to find some organ or cell within your body that does not benefit from some method of detoxification. It is a regimen that has been practiced for thousands of years and rightly so. Our bodies get used and sometimes abused by our actions and just simple daily tasks from eating to working outdoors in the elements and around pollutants. We don't use utensils or clothing without rinsing to make them clean again and there are many ways we can do this for our own bodies. If you think about it, to not do some sort of detox at various times of the year, our bodies just have toxins sitting and building as germs would on a piece of clothing if we were to wear it over and over again without washing it. Probably a weak analogy, but relative to start!

There are many ways our bodies release toxins that build up: Perspiration, Urination, Respiration and Exertion (our PURE system). When too many toxins build up, our body has trouble finding where to store them. When your body does not know what to do with any excess waste or toxins, it send them to fat cells. These cells multiply as they become 'full' of toxins and this is where the term you may have heard before-'toxic fat'-comes from. This is a great self-defense strategy for our organs and blood circulation that may otherwise get these toxins, but storing these fat cells has disadvantages of their own. 

Weight gain! The reason is that toxic fat cells are the hardest to burn off. You have toxins build up, your body takes the extra you could not release in your PURE system, so it sends it to fat cells. These fat cells multiply the more the toxins build and weight gain can be the effect. What is even worse is that in another process happening, your body sends water around these toxic fat cells and that causes inflammation. Inflammation in the body has a huge amount of disadvantages all in itself creating this viscous cycle of unhealthy responses inside your body.

About GuruNada Pulling Oil
  • First commercialized pulling oil
  • Incorporates oils with healing properties related to major elements
  • 100% organic sunflower, coconut, peppermint and sunflower oils
  • Together the oils pull toxins from the salivary glands (where many toxic fat cells are stored)
  • Balancing of oils to produce the best effect of pulling
There is so much more to learn about the benefits of oil pulling and as you read above you realize how hard it is to burn toxic fat cells, so pulling the toxins from these cells is a huge advantage to detoxifying your body.

Buy GuruNanda at Amazon or from their website.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Welcome to the $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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Giveaway ends January 16th at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents, ages 18+. Only one entrant per household, per address. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Enter using the giveaway form below. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: The participating bloggers may have been compensated for this post. No purchase is necessary to enter. One entrant per household, per address. Void where prohibited by law. Winner(s) will be contacted by email and have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. The sponsor(s) will be responsible for product shipment to winner(s) of this sweepstakes. This event is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook and/or Twitter, Google, Pinterest. Contact if you have any additional questions or comments.

Voice Lessons To Go-Sing Out Loud for the child who loves to sing #Giveaway

This is a giveaway post for Voice Lessons To Go

Last week we attended my 6 year old son's school Christmas music performance. It started with his and all the other first grade classes from his school, when the first grade classes were done with their 30 minutes of songs the second graders performed, then third graders. My son's school of K-5th grade has over 750 students. Taking an entire grade level starting at Grade 1 and getting them to stand in unison on stage singing on cue for 30 minutes makes for a talented choir teacher. He really loves teaching these kids and my son was even given a small speaking part. He was so enthusiastic about the experience and combining that with his need for music anywhere, anytime from in the car to every night at bed brings a child who loves expressing himself through songs and music. There is one problem...he has no tone! Of course, I he is young and at his age the voice is not yet developed, but if he is like my husband and I, he may not have much of a chance winning any grammy (lol).

These kids love music class day on Tuesdays. They play these fun games that actually introduce them to melody and rhythm. At this age they just love songs and singing,.What happens when you have a child who strongly wants to perfect or even asks how to sing well? These kids may be expressing their desire to learn more about what is discussed mildly in a school music class. I can't answer that if I were asked, could you? Lessons To Go knows how to help! I have the Sing Out Loud for kids CD and my son and I listened to it to see how intrigued he may be at learning more. I don't expect him to be any great artist ever, but the performance really drew him out of his shell a bit with the speaking part and when he is even a bit intrigued, I like to just offer education and he can do as he pleases.

About Voices To Go -Sing Out Loud for kids CD

  • Introduces young kids to the world of singing
  • Teaches kids how to warm up their voices in a fun and healthy way
  • Exercises are east to follow and easy to do
  • Also focuses on posture, dictation and breathing
  • Low-cost alternative to music introduction and lessons
  • Great way to test a child's interest level in music
  • Ages Preschool through Grade 5
This makes a fun gift for any child and family! Have an older child or adult music-lover? Voices to Go has lessons for all ages!

Learn more: Sing Out Loud-for kids CD

The Giveaway
One lucky reader of mine will win Sing Out Loud from Voices To Go. Enter below. Open to US. Ends 12/31


Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. Any opinions are 100% my own. 

Adventures with Freddy the Penny children's book

This is a promotional post. All opinions are 100% my own

Freddy the Penny
by Gabrielle Begun
Release: 11/9/2014

Freddy is a Penny who wanted to see the world. He escaped the coin factory and quickly found friends to share on his journey as he explores the outside world. He meets new friends and some enemies as well. All of the characters of the book from coins to the birds they come across speak and come alive in this story.

The Author teaches great lessons in family and friendships as your child follows Freddy and his friends through his adventures across the country to hopefully reunite Freddy with his family. The places they go would be typical of places you find lost or dropped coins-sidewalks, water fountains, etc.. 

The book is divided into very short chapters and the words are easy. My son is in first grade and read the book with very minimal help as an advanced reader. The chapters make it great as he is being introduced to chapter books at this stage of reading. We laughed and talked about Freddy's adventures and it was my son who recognized the typical places you would find coins. If you have a child on your gift list entering Chapter books, this is a great start!

Get your copy of Freddy the Penny on Amazon