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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AFLAC Ultimate College Football Experience Sweepstakes & tips for a safe sports season

I am a Mom to 3 boys. My older step-sons are 22 and 16 and our son is 6. The oldest played tennis a bit, the teenager played years of soccer and baseball and my 6 year old started baseball last spring and starts basketball this fall. How many sports injuries have we dealt with? None! I'm serious! I was just as athletic when I was younger as I ice skated for 6 years and played softball and a bit of track. No real injuries or broken bones myself all of those years either! Just a bit of cartilage damage in my knees today. This is not always the norm for most families and I feel my safe-streak with these boys can end at anytime. It takes one wrong move, fall or twist of a foot to end a sport season. It takes one wrong step or crash to suddenly find your child in a hospital, surgery needed and the budget hit hard with medical expenses! The moment you sign that sports registration paper, you are signing up for the possibility of medical expenses hitting suddenly! Luckily, there is AFLAC. They know this risk to you and want to share some eye-opening facts about the cost of sports injuries!

Some tips for sports safety include

The Effects of Sports Injuries on the budget
  • 66% of workers are unable to afford the sudden costs of injuries and illness
  • For a broken leg, costs average about $10,000 without insurance and that's just 1 limb!
  • Most primary insurance plans will not fully cover the medical bills of injuries or illness
  • 1 in 10 kids will suffer sports injuries of some sort in a year-the odds aren't great in your favor!
How can AFLAC prepare you?
  • AFLAC is a supplemental insurance-you carry a primary insurance that does not full cover all expenses
  • The supplemental insurance of AFLAC helps those residual out-of-pocket costs
  • Some covered ailments are: broken teeth, concussion, Ambulance/Medical Air transport, ER Visits and Lacerations to name a few
  • Cash benefits to help cover gas, food, lodging, child care and other out-of-pocket costs necessary for treatment of injury or illness
Feeling lucky?

The AFLAC Ultimate College Football Experience Sweepstakes is happening now!
Are you a college sports fan? You will want to enter!

1 winner will be announced on 3 different dates for a total of 3 winners!

10/28, 11/4 and 11/11, 2014
Prize for each winner:

  • Two tickets to the biggest college football game of the weekend.
  • Meet & greet with Desmond Howard
  • Round trip airfare.
  • Hotel accommodations.
  • Ground transportation to and from events. 
  • $500 prepaid debit card for food and other expenses.
Entry Form & Official Rules URL:

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Keep the aromas as you cook with IMUSA Mortar & Pestle

This is a promotional post for IMUSA

When you have foods you need to grind, how do you resolve that? There is a grinder and when you are done, you can take the pieces apart to clean all the parts. There is the blender that is always behind everything else in the back of the cupboard and requires a lot of cleaning and electricity. Another option is a mortar like Imusa's Wood Mortar and Pestle set. But it's all manual and I have a loaf of banana bread to make? Why would I choose a mortar?

This mortar and pestle is great for a few reasons. First, it is large. It can mash this longer Organic banana easily and with room to spare inside. It is made of wood, so just hand wash with warm water and soap and put away. Also, a mortar allows the scents of your foods and spices to stay fragrant where using a blender or grinder would take that away. Try making pesto with a mortar and your family will love the aromas that start to float around the kitchen!

Besides the deepness of this mortar, it is made very well. It is a sturdy construction and will hold up well for a long time. The flavors you get from a mortar are spectacular. Experiment with dressings, spices, marinades, pestos and more. 

Add course spices and grind and muddle them to a powder consistency to make a rub. 
Add basil and bash it roughly about 10 seconds, add olive oil, balsamic and lemon juice for a delicious dressing for salads or seafood. Can you smell it already?

IMUSA mortar and pestle makes a great gift for the food lover on your gift list!

Find IMUSA products on Amazon and at retailers such as Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Treat your body to the Silk Duvet Cover by NovosBed #HolidayGiftGuide

This is a promotional post for NovosBed

How is your wish list coming? If you have kids theirs is a mile long and perhaps yours is a bit blank. If you are like me there are so many things you would love to get, but when asked not one thing comes to mind! As I think about my wishes, I think comfort. Comfort in the kitchen and comfort as I sleep. As a Mom of boys, substitute for the school district food service and paraeducator, PTA president and Blogger, I need my sleep. However, I am a horrible sleeper! This is why I have learned that to make some changes with my bedding, it makes all the difference in the world. A pillow just right for you, a mattress with the right firmness and a comforter that does not leave you sweating at night will give you a much better sleep than those items you picked up on clearance that really are not you! NovosBed wants you to get the best sleep you can and deserve and I have an all new sleep comfort level with our Silk Duvet.

Benefits of Sleeping under Mulberry Silk

Above is the King size Silk Duvet on our Queen size bed. I always buy comforters the next size up so there is plenty of coverage as we toss in our sleep. We don't have blanket-hogging issues this way. Besides it just looking clean and fresh with its white color, it is the perfect thickness. I have yet to get too hot under this duvet and yet I am not too cold either. Because silk is a natural insulator, it can be made in this light weight material and still help keep your body temperature regulated as you sleep. Silk is also hypo-allergenic so it works great if you are allergic to feathers and down comforters. My husband has feather allergies and he has no issues and we've been using our comforter a few months now. Silk also has natural moisture wicking properties so you stay dry as you sleep. The Mulberry silk fibers also naturally repel dust mites and bugs due to its moisture wick properties. These critters love moisture and they won't find a habitat in Mulberry Silk comforters!

  • 100% cotton 300 thread count
  • Compatible with standard size duvet covers
  • Quilted so silk filling does not shift
  • Filled with 100% Mulberry Silk
  • Smooth, soft texture and one of the strongest natural fibers
  • Ships free to North America
Treat your bed and your body to a better sleep in this comfortable Silk Duvet! Make it your wish list item! You deserve it!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Don't go to the gym dehydrated anymore #DrinkDripDrop

This is a sponsored post fro Drip Drop on behalf of SheSpeaks

You go to the gym and do your typical workout, but today you just don't feel right! You do the same routine every time you go, but you just hurt worse today than any other days. Why is this? You are fatigued. You are sore and cramping. You are out of breath more than usual and the same routine is giving you a higher pulse rate! You wonder if you are coming down with something. If you take these symptoms of fatigue, cramping and higher heart rate, you are most likely dehydrated! But you drink water and fluid often? The correct amount of liquids is a mathematic equation sometimes...weight divided by 2 times calories burned minus....YIKES! On those tired and fatigued days, make sure you have DripDrop in your gym bag! Regardless of how I feel, I always make my first water bottle of a workout a DripDrop bottle.

DripDrop is a dehydration powder that you add to your water and drink. It is made with medical standards by a Mayo-trained family physician. There is sodium, sugars and potassium. Which brings me to another reason why I use Drip Drop. Have you ever heard of runner's headaches? I began getting headaches after joining the gym and going 5-6 times a week. I don't normally get headaches so I put a shout out to my gym friends on why this may be. I was told that possibly I had runner's headaches which can be rectified by consuming more Potassium as I burn calories. Not enough Potassium can result in headaches. I began to do that with water additives and now I use DripDrop and they are resolved now. If you get this symptom working out or running, consult with your doctor about this possibility and DripDrop can be added to your water to get you those extra electrolytes.

DripDrop is for everyone from children to adults. For children, it is a great way to rehydrate them if dehydrated for any reason. The berry and lemon flavors are delicious. My son loves the lemon-tastes like lemonade. You will not find any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in DripDrop. You also won't find that sodium was compromised by adding more sugar for taste. You get only the sugar you need as an electrolyte and all the sodium you need as you need it for rehydration and water retention.

A Coupon-click the coupon image below & download actual coupon (do not print the image)!
DripDrop is available at Walgreens, CVS and HEB for about $9.99 for a box of 8.

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Baked Ziti with Hillshire Farms Beef Smoked Sausage #BringHillshireHome

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When you need to take a plain pasta dish and add a little life to it, add some protein! Hillshire brand products are a great addition to any meal, especially pasta. My family loves baked ziti and what they love even more is when I add Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage. Dinnertime begins with me slapping hands that try to reach into the cooked ziti to steal sausage!

Baked Ziti with Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage is so easy to make. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Simply boil the noodles al dente. Drain. Pour them into a 13x 9 baking dish that is not oiled, but I do spoon some sauce at the very bottom and coat. Add your Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, 1/2 cup of mozzarella and a jar of pasta sauce. Stir. Add 1.5 cups of mozzarella on top. Bake 350 degrees about 10-15 minutes until sausage is heated through. Serve!

Love coupons?

If you are a Safeway shopper, you have heard of the Just for U savings card they have. If you have not signed up, it is free and easy. You simply show your card or enter the phone number you registered with and see your in-store savings fall off your total. Your Just for U card holds gas rewards for you that build and you can pre-load manufacturer coupons before shopping so you don't have to clip them and bring them. The savings you choose to add to your card will deduct at checkout. The best feature of all are the personalized deals! These are deals Just for U based on your shopping history. I get great prices on products I truly buy most often and even get free offers from time to time!

Right now you can load savings on many Hillshire brand products. Find savings on the Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage I used above or Hillshire Farms Lil' Smokies. Also save on Jimmy Dean items and Ball park items. Great savings added to your card without any clipping!

Click the coupon below to start saving at Safeway!

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Correct negative behaviors in your child fast with The Total Transformation Program #HolidayGiftGuide Giveaway

This is a giveaway post for The Total Transformation Program

Do you know a parent who struggles with a defiant child? Do you know a child who tends to act out in disrespectful or unmotivated ways? Do they curse, lie or act out in school? Counselors and medical appointments add up and we know getting advice from professionals may be our only help as parents if we are faced with difficult qualities like these in a child. What if I told you that The Total Transformation Program is like having a behavior therapist at your door? 

James Lehman is a behavior therapist who offers practical and real world solutions and practices so you can learn to reverse these negative behaviors in your child. The expected result is a child who learns to take his/her own responsibility for their own behavior.

What you will learn
  • How to instantly stop an argument with your child
  • 10 words to say when he/she gets mouthy
  • Stop the show
  • Accountability
  • Consequences
  • What to do the next time
You can get the program free if you order, then leave your feedback! Details are on the webpage. It is great to finally get a real-world approach to real problems. Simple and straightforward with progress sure to be noticed! 

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The Giveaway
1 lucky reader of mine will get The Total Transformation Program sent. Enter below. Open to US. Ends 11/7

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Win an iPhone 6 from Baby's Brilliant #babysbrillianti6

Win an iPhone6
Thanks to Baby's Brilliant and all that they offer and are supporting

Baby's Brilliant knows that babies learn when they play. Babies also love seeing other babies play and interact with them. See the Baby's Brilliant app in iTunes and see how using music set to videos of everyday baby movements is so intriguing and engaging. 

Baby's Brilliant recently showed up to giveaway iPads at a local children's hospital and as you read in the graphic above, they are donating 25% of October proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

buying and downloading the app helps baby learn as well as supporting great causes!

Want to win an iPhone6-Baby's Brilliant is supporting its supporters by offering this great prize! 

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