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Monday, September 29, 2014

BodyArmor for a natural energy on-the-go

This is a promotional post on behalf of Sverve

One drink-so many benefits. As the most respected athletes discover nutrients in a bottle such as BodyArmor, consumers are also seeing the benefits. Whether you are a fitness addict or a parent on-the-go, these beverages offer so much more than that can of soda. It is hard to constantly stay on a regimen that allows us to count calories and nutrients. We have so many things happening in our day, we just need a product that gives us what we need for us! BodyAmor has the electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants our body craves the more busy we are and it does not require nutrition counting or supplement pills to swallow. If athletes like Richard Sherman, Kobe Bryant and Andrew Luck are choosing BodyArmor, I trust the brand. 

I have all boys and each of them have or are in sports. I was never the Mom that sent them with sugary sports drinks as I believed if I fed them well before and after a game and made sure they drank plenty of water it was much better than serving them the contents within the sports drinks. I wish I had BodyArmor a long time ago. As the boys hit their teens, they wanted sports drinks at games and I had to search for the best ingredients I could. Ultimately they ended up with vitamin water. There just wasn't options for a sports drinks without artificial sweeteners or flavors. As my youngest is just starting out in sports, I am happy to know there are brands like BodyArmor committed to offering a natural and more beneficial sports drinks for when my son hits those older, high-intense years of sports down the road. For now, I love BodyArmor to keep me going and hydrated as a Mom to boys always on the go!

The proof is in the label! Having BodyArmor on hand means you are consuming all natural energy! An energy that is real and will produce a better workout or a much more efficient day as you move from task to task without burning out. For the athletes, the Potassium and Vitamin supplements are plentiful enough to decease that post-workout fatigue and allow your body to gain more from your routine. For the Mom on-the-go looking for proper hydration, you can be satisfied you are not consuming a product with any artificial ingredients or glutens. Your body will be supplemented the vitamins and antioxidants you need to keep you going all day long.

With filtered water, pure cane sugar and coconut water concentrate as the first 3 ingredients, there is no need for anything artificial anyhow! Stop counting nutrients and filling that cabinet with all of those supplements. Take BodyArmor with you and keep moving through your day with a better energy.

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Fun football party snack recipes with Cakes Under the Influence

This is a promotional post for Cakes Under the Influence

Have you ever had a football party and asked your guests to BYOC! C as in cakes! If you ask guests to BYOB, does showing up with cakes made with favorite cocktail flavors count? If you are thinking "Erinn, you are a parenting Blogger. Why blog about Cakes Under the Influence" the let me tell you why. I do not promote spirit brands, but I am human and a Mom who entertains other adults. I also love baking and when I find a new twist to baking especially when it doesn't involve lolly pops and fruit snacks, I like to bake as an adult when I can. With that, I am also a HUGE football fan (go Seahawks) and when we have friends or family over for the games we entertain adult-style. Cakes Under the Influence have kits and mixes that make excellent party snacks.

Recipe from site: Chocolate-tini cake

I have the Entertainer Baking Kit and it has everything I need to whip up a batch of fun 'adult cakes'. It even comes with recipe ideas and the platter to serve on. All I need is a cocktail brand and some creativity. I loved browsing the recipes and wanted to come up with one as my sister and her husband were joining us for the Seahawks game. Blue and Green pride in adult-snack fun will be in store for a game we can get together for! I will surely share once I create them! We play on Thanksgiving Day and I am thinking of surprising the family with these!

About Cakes Under the Influence
  • Family owned & operated company
  • 2014 Bronze Innovation Award Winner
  • Kits come with molds, papers and cake mix
  • Recipe page is ongoing and keeps growing
  • Find cake kits, cocktail cookie cutters, baking supplies, mixes and serverware
Find a kit that will make you a hit at the next football party or BBQ and BYOC!

New and Delicious Pillsbury Melts Cookies #PillsburyMelts

The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op

What a better way for the kids to arrive home from a long day at school by being served warm cookie melts! Pillsbury's new Melt Cookies are delicious and come in flavors the entire family will love. It is a good thing I have self control because I have a batch waiting for the boys right now while they finish their school day and I have had only had one and want them all!

Here are the Pillsbury Melts Molten Fudge Cake filled cookies. Try not to drool....

Pillsbury Melt Cookies are located in your grocers refrigerated cookie section. They come in 2 flavors-the Molten Fudge as shown above and S'mores. They are little bit of heaven wrapped in a cookie. They are so easy to make-put pre-portioned dough on cookie sheet, bake, drizzle and eat!

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

Thirty48 Running Series Socks with Coolmax fabric #thirty48

This is a promotional post for thirty48

If you are on your feet for fitness, there is nothing worse than socks that works against you. Socks are the only barrier between your foot and the shoe you stand in for protection. Having a standard sock means having to stop to pull it out of your shoe as it slips and we have all experienced that huge inconvenience. Thirty48 knows feet and knows that with the right features, your sock can actually work for you.

The Ru series refers to their running socks. The socks carry many features right down to the 'What's right is right' fit-this means there is a sock for the right foot and a sock for the left foot. Look inside and it will tell you. This is so the sock mimics the curves of each foot for your comfort. The first thing I noticed was the padded instep. See those grey and orange diamonds in the photo above? That is added padding in the pressure spots that occur when you tie your laces. There is also a little extra padding in the heel. The coolmax fabric wicks moisture away so you feel cool and dry. The CatalystAF is a patent-pending design that assist with airflow so your foot can breathe. The elastic arch support works to lessen friction so your plantar arch is supported.

Thirty48 thought of everything when they make their socks. If you buy for multiple people in your household, just check the squares inside the cuff. The number of squares you see denotes the sock size. Even the heel tab is curled for an easy on and off. Your run will be taken to a whole new comfort level with thirty48 and the price is very comparable to similar socks that do not contain as many features.

Disclsoure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

New from Fiber One and Nature Valley

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New from Fiber One

Fiber One Streusel Bars
  • 2 Flavors- Strawberry and Blueberry
  • Contains Real Fruit
  • 12 grams of whole grain, 5 grams of fiber 
  • 150 calories
Fiber One Soft-Baked Cookies
  • 3 Flavors- Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin & Double Chocolate
  • 5 grams of fiber
  • 120 calories

New from Nature Valley

Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits
  • 2 Flavors-Blueberry & honey
  • 26 grams of whole grains
  • 230 calories per pack of 4 biscuits
Nature Valley Soft Baked Oatmeal Squares
  • New flavor- Blueberry
  • 150 calories per bar
  • 16 grams of whole grains
Find these at a retailer near you!

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. 

Green Giant Steamers opens up quick & easy meal possibilities #GreenGiantSteamers

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op

Do you lack the creative cooking gene like me? I severely lack that gene, but my brother became a chef and has enough of the cooking creativity for the both of us which is not a fair shift for me. I need simple and pictures. If I can visualize a plate of food, I can usually find ways to recreate it. My other dilemma is time! I need easy and fast! Green Giant Steamers has come to my rescue!

When you think Green Giant, do think vegetables? Do you think pasta, sauce and potatoes? You probably lean towards the vegetable answer I assume! Green Giant offers both. The Green Giant Steamers offers many compliments to your meal that are easily heated in a microwave in its original bag! 

Possibilities for using Green Giant Steamers for quick and easy meals:

  • Add Basil Vegetable Medley to your spaghetti for a more wholesome dinner
  • Stir Broccoli and Cheese Sauce into some chili
  • Add Cream Style Corn as a side dish to a meat and bread plate
  • Use the Antioxidant Blend Vegetables in a stir fry
  • Macaroni & Cheese Sauce makes a great after-school snack
With Green Giant Steamers, you can feed quick and easy meals even if you lack that creative cooking gene. It is a bit of a cooking hack for the untalented family cook.

Friday, September 26, 2014

2 Children Books that teach about The Forbidden City

This is a promotional post for PR by the Book

This is the Greatest Place
by Brian Tse

My son is 6 and so fascinated by the world and visiting places new to him. He caught that bug after many trips we took this summer. From Disneyland to the Ca. Bay Area, tagging along with my husband on business trips around the state and some day trips to festivals and towns near us. we kept busy and discovered a lot of new things. When This is the Greatest Place book arrived and I told my son it tells of how a beautiful 'secret' city in China was built, he couldn't wait to read it. 

The book takes animal characters and a fun builder sent by the Emperor to find a location for this great palace. There are some fun surprises in the book along the way from a page of flaps your child can lift so they learn how different elements in nature was used to build the palace. There is a fun poster fold out that maps the entire forbidden city and my son was so fascinated on the layout and all that was in this town. 

This book combines history of one of the greatest landmarks of all times with the value of nature preservation and how important it was for these builders to use natural elements. It show your child that when you take care of nature, it can last hundreds of years or more!

In the Forbidden City is another learning tool for your child on all that it took to build this popular landmark. My son loved following the mischievous cat that takes you on the journey in and throughout the Forbidden City. With all of the fold out pages inside, your child's eyes will light up as these amazing drawings takes them inside this 'secret city'. 

Take your child back in time to meet Emperors and rebel leaders and learn the dynamics that allowed the Forbidden City to become and stay the most famous landmarks in the world. If the drawings are not fascinating enough, the magnifying glass that comes with each book makes the pages come closer to you so you can really see inside this city from the comfort of your own home.

If you read to your child, why not take them to a real place in history and allow them to learn about this famous landmark and the beautiful nature that was preserved to build it and how it still stands today because of the care the builders took in the preservation process.

Learn more from PR by the Book and China Institute:

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