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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Little Balance Box offers fun support

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Whether your child is learning to pull up and walk as a baby or needs the therapy support as an older toddler, the Little Balance Box was created to be their support. By having such support where they do not rely on human guidance gives them great independence and that encourages more movement and confidence from them.

The Little Balance Box is more than a traditional 'walker'. This appears like a small side table. It stands about 15" tall so it is right at Baby's height for pulling up from a sitting or kneeling position. The legs have smooth rollers that glide well over any surface including carpet. The top is clear and polycarbonate-not glass- so they can look down and keep their eyes on their feet and legs for their own added security. When you tap or hit the clear surface top it makes fun percussive sounds that encourages the concept of cause and effect. Then when baby or child has mastered walking, you have a small table for their room or play area. My son uses his as a Lego table and he is 7 and still can use this Little Balance Box years after learning to walk. This grows with them and remains a useful piece.

The Little Balance Box is an eco-friendly product made from sustainable bamboo and the wood on this is so solid and durable. It is BPA and PVC free. It allows your child to independently move in multiple directions while providing them with balance and support. It is very easy to grip and designed to be that way. From the size to grip and sensing the child's weight distribution from pulling themselves up to sitting back down, the Little Balance Box is flawlessly designed in my opinion. I was not fortunate enough to encounter this with my son when he was learning to walk, but I would not hesitate if I was in that stage of having one available to my child. 

The Little Balance Box is such a great gift idea for the baby on your gift list this season and all year round. It will get a lot of use for many years!

Best smelling shower & bath gift ideas

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature

The reason so many of us have our Holiday Gift Guides are to help you all out with that burning question- 'what do I get him or her?' Ideas and not just any ideas, but quality, unique and effective products are what I aim to find and bring to all of my readers attention. A product I have for the guide is a new favorite of mine and they are from Level Naturals.

Bath products for men and women are always well received and when you add the description of natural, best smelling and as featured on National TV then yo have that unique and effective product you are searching for. See what gift ideas Levels Naturals has for you below and where you can locate these!

Level Naturals Soaps

The 10 scented soap varieties are made with the most pure and gentle ingredients. It is a combination of plant oils, natural essential oils and extracts. No wonder my Menthol + Lime bar smells so amazing and lather so well!
  • Eucalyptus or Menthol + Lime
  • Tea Tree + Activated Charcoal
  • Dragon's Blood + Spice
  • Lavender + Chamomile
  • Peppermint + Pumice
  • Rosemary + Clay
  • Ylang Ylang + Rosewood
  • Patchouli + Orange Peel
  • Grapefruit + Bergamot
  • Frankincense +_ Myrrh

Level Naturals Shower Bombs

Think bath bomb you stand over in the shower! The organic menthol and eucalyptus blends with the steam from your shower below your feet for extra relaxation as you deep breath and relax under that hot water. The Tea Tree is near your feet to give them extra attention they deserve as you stand with the shower bomb. There is a lavender and cucumber scent as well. I can tell you that the cucumber is such a great scent!

Level Natural Bath Bombs

Not only are these round and colorful they come in a fun egg carton box. Grab a little bomb made of oils, essential oils and botanicals and fade away (not literally) as you relax in your bath. It will more than make up for the constant interruptions as the kids knock on your door or scream in play as they run by trying to rob you of your Me Time! They are that good!

You can also find body butters and even soy candles at Levels Naturals. Locate products online at and other online retailers. Follow on Facebook too for promotions!

WestBend Popcorn on Demand

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature

With food being made and sold based on convenience we tend to reach for these varieties without much thought to the difference in health and effects it may have if we take the time to make a food the correct way without added fats and sugars. Popcorn is one of those foods. There are shelves of microwave varieties and if you really want to load on the calories, then you can choose flavors like cheddar or movie theater butter. Or you can get a quality popper like the Popcorn on Demand Popper from WestBend and save yourself a lot less sodium and about 40 calories per serving.

With this popcorn popper that is exclusively available at Williams-Sonoma you get to control your portions. If you want a single serving you would push the lever down once. If you need a party size serving you would pull down a few times. Each pull on the lever open a door inside from the kernels you store and deposits a controlled amount into the popper. No refilling every use. The popper is always ready to go keeping the kernels fresh between uses.

When it comes to appliances it is every cooks dream to own ones that can clean themselves and this popper does just that! When you flip the switch to clean, it gathers up all of the debris in the air popper and brings it down so that all you have to do is pull out the thin tray from the botton of the unit and empty it.

This makes a great, healthy gift for any family! Learn more at Follow on Facebook & Twitter!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide Hop and Giveaway

This event is hosted by Mom Buzz Media and their network of super spectacular bloggers!

Welcome to our very first Annual Holiday Gift Guide :100 Blog Hop Event! Our hard­working bloggers have searched high and they have searched low to find you the BEST and the most UNIQUE gift ideas for 2015.


CLICK HERE to be taken to the list of blogs. Start with any blog you choose and simply click the picture. It will take you to that blog where you can view their gift guide. When you are done, simply click the next one.

Thank you to our Co­Hosts: Simply Sherryl Rude Mommy and Michelle Unwrapped
We were lucky to snag a few absolutely amazing sponsors along the way! Please take a moment and read about each of them below!

Then scroll to the bottom of this post for the giveaway where you could be one of several lucky winners!

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The Familoop team helps parents to protect kids online effectively and focus on actual parenting rather than daily battles over phone time and limits. Parental Control Software by Familoop (Familoop Safeguard) is the best partner for parents to raise thoughtful, digital citizens. Younger and younger children are getting devices nowadays. The real world can be a scary place full of monsters and evil. If you know a parent with children that already have or are getting devices this year, set them up with a Familoop subscription for the holidays and give them the gift of peace of mind! Familoop will officially launch November 27, 2015, but you can opt­in early and get a 60% discount to use when Familoop Safeguard is launched! What an incredible deal on a product parents can use for their kids at any stage in their online lives.

Visit the FAMILOOP Safeguard website to learn more!

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Glamulet jewelry provides every woman a new range of trendy and elegant, high quality charms and bracelets made with 100% sterling silver. Glamulet is compatible with Pandora Jewelry at affordable price. Each woman can mix and match the charms to create her own unique bracelet. Right now you can build a beautiful, personalized gift and save 15% off of your purchase from Glamulet by using our Mom Buzz Media exclusive coupon code. HGG15

Visit the GLAMULET website and create the perfect gift for that special someone!

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The ClickBlock was created by Bong­Seok Yoon who has 29 years of experience in magnetic toy research, design and manufacturing. ClickBlock are fun and educational, premium magnetic toys. They believe toys should not only entertain, but also help children develop a love for scientific and mathematical thinking with safe quality product.

Visit the CLICKBLOCK website and learn how to Develop Creativity, Imagination, Mathematical, and Scientific Thinking in children with their toys!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The Dark Knot provides the market with luxurious, hand made silk ties across 120 designs covering both woven and printed silk. Each of their ties come in an elegant black gift box along with recommendations for matching suits and shirts. Shortly they will be introducing lines of Pocket Squares and Lapel Flowers to further build out their men's accessories offering. Get some shopping done early and take advantage of this exclusive offer!

Save 25% off your order with code MOMBUZZ25 at THE DARK KNOT

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Inspired Silver features a full catalog of jewelry and fashion accessories perfect for everyone in your life. They have themed jewelry for family members and statement jewelry for nights out. Get all of your holiday shopping done in one stop at!

Plus, head to INSPIRED SILVER and if you buy now you can save 15% by using code HOLIDAY15 at checkout!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Draw in 3d! I DO 3D is a fun and unique children's item that helps bring out your child's creative side. It requires patience and planning and comes with a 3D guide map to help with designs. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

See more amazing 3d creations and get your own set on the I DO 3D website.

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Star Kids Snack N Play

Snack N Play is a woman owned small business and they understand that traveling with children, even a day trip, can require a travel trailer full of items. They create products to make life easier so you can focus on having more fun when going on these adventures!

Head to Star Kids Website to learn more about the travel tray and grab one for a mommy on your list! She will thank you!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The time has finally come....

Mom Buzz Media and our magnificent bloggers are hosting this giveaway in celebration with our 100 Blog Hop Gift Guide Event! There will be 7 lucky winners!
Prizes Include:
$50 Inspired Silver gift card X­Bar School House Set Premium Magnetic Building Toy from Click Block $47.99 MSRV Six Essential Ties Starter Kit from The Dark Knot $390 RV Complete bracelet from Glamulet $150 RV Snack N Play | Travel Tray $30.99 RV Snack N Play | Play N Go $32.99 RV I DO 3D Art Kit (2) Familoop Premium 10 Annual Memberships $69 value each)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
 You do not have to complete all entries to win, but the more you do complete, the better your chances are of being chosen. US Residents 18 years old + only please. Mom Buzz Media nor blogger promoting this giveaway are responsible for prize fulfillment. Prizes will be shipped out by the sponsors themselves. This event is not associated with, sponsored, administered, or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, or any other social media.
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Lulu Jr. New Release IlluStory Junior kit turns your child into an Author

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature

Lulu, Jr. has brought another great product and it is available for the Holidays! This has become a favorite in my home and one of the biggest hits landing here for my Holiday Gift Guide. With the IlluStory Junior your child, as young as 4, can write and illustrate their own story within this kit and they will get it back in a softcover book.

This is the story of how we began working on the book. We then mail it out. Once we get our book in a few weeks I will write again about the results! But I wanted to get something up now so you have time to order a kit for the Holidays.

My son is 7 1/2 and is a huge R. L. Stein fan. He loves Goosebumps and has many books, episodes and we have certainly taken him to see the new movie. When I showed him the kit he was so excited and wanted to write his own Goosebumps story. He thought about it for a few days and then came to me ready for his kit. So began his story called, Attack of the Giant Spiders.

The kit comes with everything needed including the pre-paid envelope to send it back. He used their provided pages versus writing it online. He drew illustrations for each page. I labeled the back with page numbers so it stays in order, added one of his small school photos I have left over because if you mail a photo with the kit it will appear on the Author page. I made a copy-just in case. We then put it in the mail!

The kit has been recognized with 10 educational and consumer awards such as Parent's Choice, Creative Child Magazine and National Parenting Center and more! 

IlluStory Junior Includes: 
·      One professionally printed and bound, full-color 5.5”x8.5” 14-page paperback book
·      Delivery of final book to the customer’s door by mail, for free
·      Book pages, cover pages, 10 washable markers, instructions, prepaid envelope and order form
·      Children design a cover and write “About the Author” feature that can include their picture
·      Prepaid envelope to mail-in completed kit contents

You can always order additional copies to give as great gifts! MSRP: $19.99

Learn more and choose a kit that is right for you. We did the Awesome Book! 

Star Wars R2D2 Personal Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

I was sent product for an honest review

Holiday Gift Guide Feature

Being sick is no fun...until now! With medications, hot baths, missing friends at school and feeling achy it is no fun being sick. My son suffers twice a year with allergies being bad and I can relate to his bad days with his scratchy throat, body aches and even sinus pain at times. I have always used humidifiers and mists in his room and now he turns his on every night, sick or not.  The Star Wars R2D2 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is by far a gift every household needs!

Not only do you get a mist from the top that disperses widely, you get fun LED lights that project on the ceiling when lights are off. In the photo above, this table sits lower than my son's mattress on the left and the mist reaches him very well. You have a minimum and maximum output knob and when turned all the way up you get a very heavy mist that is much better then other units I have owned.


  • Whisper Silent
  • Adjustable Mist Output
  • Auto Off Function when water runs dry
  • Anti-microbial Protection

You can only get these online and if Star Wars is not your child's style, you will find fun Frozen styles as well. All orders ship free making it easy to get one on its way to your home today.

Gift a Pley membership for new building sets each month

I was provided subscription service for promotion

Does a child in your life have a building set on the Holiday wish list? Once they build their set what happens to it? They are expensive and many times they get set on a shelf and never played with or taken apart and becoming more loose pieces. The thrill of the build ends and they want another set. This is where Pley comes in to help us save money and give them new sets each month to build.

My son started out with the Minecraft Cave. At 7 years old it was pretty complicated but he got through it. It came with the original instruction book, all pieces, a lego removal tool, poster to collect & win with stickers sent, fun gift lego bracelet, return label for when we are ready to ship back and choose a new set and it was sent in a sturdy box I can reuse to send it back in. No effort or need to go out of my way when it is time to send back. I love the bright zippered bag as it allows us to keep the set contained and away from his other Legos so we don't mix them up. Without the bag I would fear I could mindlessly pick up the pieces and toss in his bedroom bin if left out.

Here is how Pley explains its membership:

Starting at just $19.99/month when registered for a 6-month subscription (or a mere $24.99 for a one month trial), kids could receive several kits each month as they play, return and repeat. The Builder and Master plan offers unlimited toys per month. Children keep the toy as long as they wish, then place everything in the return package. Drop it in any US postal mailbox. Shipping is free (!) with all memberships

It is time to start shopping and with a visit to Pley's website, you can cross some kids off your list by giving them a gift that will keep arriving in the mail all year long. What kid doesn't look forward to mail especially when there is something new to build in that box. Does it save? Yes! On average it saves LEGO® buying families like me hundreds of dollars a year! My son had no harsh feelings sending it back. He knows that as soon as it is received he can log in and shop for a new set to keep and build for a few weeks. 

Get started now at