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Friday, September 4, 2015

Discoveries from our Seattle ferry boat ride

One of our favorite things to do where we live is to drive into Seattle and take the ferry over to the other side of the sound. Last week we ferried over to Bainbridge Island and visited a local Casino buffet my son loves because they have different shrimp and seafood. I don't have a normal seven year old-mine loves sushi, crab salads, queso and broccoli, etc. On this trip it finally hit me ust how much he really experiences while on the short ride over. So I took not of every curiosity and attention on this trip and will share our discoveries from our Seattle ferry boat ride.

Let me add I had not prepared to take photos so I was only equipped with my cell phone on a cloudy day.

"How many people can fit on that boat?"
The ferry terminal is in line with many Cruise Terminals. It is not an uncommon site and he knows these are cruise ships, but we have yet to take a Cruise-ever! We love to guess what activities there are and where the ship may be going next. Alaska? Canada? Mexico?

"I want a picture on the ferry with Mom and Dad!"
We did it! My husband will dodge a camera no matter how slick I am, but I did it! I caught him on camera. My son couldn't stop laughing-" did it, Mom!" Shhh...we have not told him and it's going on the blog (heehee)!

"I wonder what would happen if someone dropped their phone down there?"
Well, we can only assume some have and easy to assume what happens next..."...they have to buy new phones!" Then he asks what would happen if you jump over to get it. "We may never find the phone...or you again!" Don't advise that!

"Mom, I'm hungry!"
I don't actually think he was hungry. I think it's just some novelty to visit a ferry boat cafe! But, we bought and munched on a granola bar. Then we flicked crumbs at each other, thoroughly annoying those behind me I am sure!

"What is that boat?"
We had a little discussion on how shipping ports and international shipping works. He now knows toys are not made AND sold inside Toys R Us. Those toys come from other places and brought to stores to be put on sale.

He can stare at those wakes forever! He thinks one day a shark will appear in them!

"Mom, look! I can see myself in the window"
I had to get that on camera! He could not stop posing and testing out different reflection poses in the window! Some angles were more clear than others.

The busy city looks so quiet and peaceful! I love the view of Seattle from the water!

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AccuRelief™ Ultimate Foot Circulator for better foot and leg health

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Unless you have experienced lymphatic edema or poor blood circulation in your extremities, you have no idea the discomfort it brings. I have never experienced these issues myself, but with my years working in Cardiology I have heard of the discomfort and seen the suffrage over and over of patients with lower extremity conditions. Even if you are a high heel wearer and you deal with foot pain, it is not pleasant. No massage by hand can come close to relieving the pain and pressure. If you know someone who suffers from foot and even leg pain whether it be the results of diabetes, LE or vascular issues the comfort can finally come from the AccuRelief™ Ultimate Foot Circulator offering prescription strength relief at home.

If you have have seen a specialist in the vascular or pain clinics, perhaps you have seen these foot circulators. Carex Health Brands now offers these for home use at the strength needed to bring relief. Chances are that everyone reading this knows someone who can use one. Trust me when I say that their discomfort is effecting their daily life and this AccuRelief™ Foot Circulator will change that for the better for them.

About the AccuRelief™ Foot Circulator by Carex Health Brands
  • Natural, drug-free pain reliever
  • Portable advanced electrical foot stimulator
  • Prescription-strength relief
  • Relaxes stiff muscles, Increases blood circulation and Reduces swollen feet/ankles
  • 3-Channel electrical stimulator with electrical pads to place on feet and body
  • Remote control for easy control
  • 15 preset programs

Stay home and get the relief you need sitting in your own living room or office. Gift a loved one this daily life-changing foot circulator and allow them the comfort they deserve. 

Shark® Rocket DeluxePro vacuum for easy floor to ceiling cleaning

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For many years, I have made Shark products my go-to for home cleaning. I own a Shark® iron, steam mop and now my newest vacuum is a Shark® Rocket DeluxePro model. In one word, this vacuum is Genius! The features are plentiful and this is one amazing dirt sucker! I have been able to try or see many high quality brand vacuums in action and the Shark® Rocket beats them all in my opinion.

When you open your Shark® Rocket DeluxePro box, you have the long handle, carpet head, hard floor cleaning bonus head, attachments like the brush and upholstery attachment as well as a bag to keep them all contained. It also comes with filter in place so it is ready to use right away. You can take this one machine and clean everything from carpets and hardwood floors to your stairs and curtains. I have been looking for a decent vacuum that makes cleaning my stairs effortless and I can say that I finally found that in my new Shark® Rocket DeluxePro vacuum.

Shark® Rocket DeluxePro features
  • Ergonomically designed to clean floors to ceiling effortless
  • Ultra Lightweight design-about 9 pounds max
  • Many attachments work with this vacuum you can add for pet hair, dusting and more
  • Large dust cup capacity and easy to empty dust cup
  • Never loses suction or power
  • LED lights
  • Advanced steering
  • Easy storage
  • Converts to handheld for stairs and upholstery

If you are looking for a vacuum that does it all at the best value and is lightweight and easy to use, the Shark® Rocket series of vacuums is your best option. I use it myself over any other brand and love everything about it! Makes a great gift this season or for a new home owner.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Protecting your team apparel with All® and Snuggle®

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Did you see the Little League® World series? All® and Snuggle® were there as official sponsors. Have you seen the new Peanuts movie trailer- those dirty, baseball loving friends? All® is a proud film sponsor for this upcoming release. Together All® and Snuggle® work hard to get those stains out of our children's clothes. Whether they play outdoor sports or just play hard on the school ground, fighting those stains is challenging. I love using All® Oxy for those tough dirt stains and you will find it helps tremendously as well. Pair the detergent with Snuggle® Blue Sparkle Fabric Softener and you can not only see the clean, but smell the clean as well!

But, sometimes stains just happen even off the play fields. As Baseball playoffs near and NFL season begins, we will be sporting our team apparel. We live near Seattle and Seattle is known for it's team spirit we hold proudly for our Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners and still hold attendance records in MLS for supporting our Seattle Sounders. 

Now that NFL season has started so has Blue Friday in our state. This was adopted years back with our Seattle Seahawks. Every week we play, everyone sports there Seahawks gear on Fridays-visit Seattle during NFL season and you'll see the blue and green on everyone on Blue Friday. The school's support it and even many grocery stores offer discounts if you shop that Friday in your Seahawks gear. 

Keeping our Seattle Seahawks apparel clean and ready for the next Friday and game day is a weekly process and the last thing I want to do is not be able to remove a stain because the apparel is not cheap! I need the best to keep them bright and clean each week!

So keep All® Oxy and Snuggle® Blue Sparkle Fabric Softener and wear your sports apparel proudly! if stains occur, you'll be armed and ready to fight any stains. Treat clothing stains right away and don't forget to add fabric softener to your favorite team blanket as you snuggle up at game time so you have the freshness and softness that lasts!

BuySend leaves the UK to offer low prices around the world

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When you are looking for the lowest prices on everyday products you need and maybe some not-so-everyday products, you probably have sites you frequent that continuously offer the lowest price. If you have bought from Ebay or Amazon, you may have encountered products from the sellers behind BuySend. That is how they started. Two entrepreneurs finding products they can offer at low prices and shipped free. You buy and they send. In the early 2000's this was a new and fast-growing concept to have products you see online shipped to your home and fast. BuySend used these online channels to bring their products in front of online shoppers. They grew to become the largest e-retailer in the UK. Then last year after much hassle to go from behind the scenes from discount sites to their own website, BuySend became independent and expanded worldwide. Now anyone from any country can shop BuySend and get great prices on products shipped free and fast.

I experienced this myself and bought my Mom who is a school teacher foldable cart so she can get papers and books from her car to her second grade classroom more easily. I have seen these sell in office supply stores near me for about $40 and that does not include shipping. This same item can be shipped for a lot less. Many items in BuySell are priced lower than what I have seen and as you visit the page, make sure you check your location icon and currency on the upper right so you are taken to items available to you and shipped free. There are other shipping options as well that can be upgraded, but for the most part, it will get to you free to little shipping depending on how fast you need it. 

The holidays are near and more people than ever say they will rely on online shopping to buy gifts. Finding a site like BuySend that offers thousands of products shipped around the world for free and at the most within 5-10 days worldwide, you can confidently shop for everyone on your list and trust you are getting quality products at great prices! Head over and see for yourself. If you like what you see, make sure you bookmark this site and come back for your holiday shopping-I have!

90 Minutes in Heaven Movie edition Book Giveaway

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Book & Movie Release
Book: New Movie edition
Movie: 9/11/2015

It is one of those thoughts that come to all of our minds at one point in life-would I want to be let go in death or held on Earth if ever I was injured in a debilitating way? What if you had just a glimpse of what waited for you after life and then was brought back to the physical world injured and immobile with your family after an accident? Would you want to be present with your family at all measures? I think I would as long as I was coherent. I can deal with not moving and physical limits, but as long as I can be here with minimal burden on my loved ones I know they'd want me here rather than not. Don Piper was in this limbo and brought back to the physical world. At first there was disappointment he was brought back with extensive injury and pain, but time reminded him of his importance to remain. God was not finished with him here on earth.

90 Seconds in Heaven is a true story about Don Piper's experience. He went from driving back to his family after being away on a conference trip to laying lifeless inside the ruins of his car that hit a semi. He lay dead under a tarp for over an hour before prayer and faith brought him back to life.  It takes the love of his wife and 3 children as well as church family to help him through the pains and struggles of adapting to his new ever-healing life that will never be the same as it was. His struggle to hold faith was real and the book and soon, the movie, will take you on a spiritual journey.

Book Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win a paperback copy of 90 Minutes in Heaven: Movie Edition. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 9/16. Good luck.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Premier Protein on sale at Costco

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With so many protein products on the market, it is hard to decide which bars are best. The better protein products will offer high amounts of protein and low in sugar, fats and carbs. Right there that eliminates the majority of so-called protein bars sitting on store shelves. Considering active adults should consume almost 30 grams of protein a meal an non-active adults about 46-56 grams a day, most bars are not nearly high enough in protein to be considered a meal replacement. This is why I stock up on Premier Protein bars and right now they are $5 off at Costco for a variety pack!

Why Premier Protein? These delicious bars have 30 grams of protein and are gluten-free. They will also leave you with 3 grams of fiber and calcium. You won't find unnecessary amounts of fats, carbs or sugars. Protein is important, but only if it is from a healthy source. 

From September 3-27, you will save $5 on Premier Protein bars variety pack at Costco of the chocolate peanut butter and my favorite, the dark chocolate mint! This is a great time of year to stock up on these bars as your teens head to school and sports seasons begin again as well as for your own pick-me up through the busy school, sport an work schedules. I have tried many protein bars and Premier Protein remains the most popular with everyone in our household! Head to Costco now and stock up.

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